Unmerciful showdown ahead

Unmerciful showdown ahead

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Just about everyone was stunned when Mr. McMahon told Triple H that Umaga was returning to face him at No Mercy. Everyone except Triple H.

"He's the Samoan Bulldozer. I've seen him go through just about everybody in this business," The Game told WWE.com. "I took him out, and I thought he'd be out longer than he is. But the fact is, he's back."

Though not surprised, The Cerebral Assassin had to be taken aback by the news, which was seen in an exclusive video on WWE Mobile on AT&T. After all, he made the seemingly indestructible monster look very human weeks ago with two of his fiercest blows with a sledgehammer. Triple H felt Umaga's limp carcass as he held up his blood-caked face for all the TV cameras and WWE Superstars to see. He had to wash the superheavyweight's blood off his sledgehammer afterward.

The Game's attack on Umaga wasn't unprovoked. The 348-pounder and Carlito attempted to injure the 10-time World Champion during a Handicap Match on Raw, but Triple H had other plans. Fresh off being sidelined for eight months with an injury, The Game was determined not to return to the disabled list. But he also wanted to send a message. By doing what no other Superstar had done before -- bloodying and putting out the Samoan Bulldozer -- Triple H showed all of WWE that he was truly back. He was ready to take on (and destroy) everyone and anyone in his path. Time off didn't kill The King of King's killer instinct.

Still, Triple H has to be somewhat worried about Umaga's sooner-that-expected return. A normal man would have been out for months after withstanding such an assault. But Umaga is far from normal -- and he took The Game's best shots.

Mr. McMahon made the match at No Mercy between Triple H and Umaga out of spite and vengeance for The Game's repeated jokes at his expense. Umaga has been known to be a hit man for Mr. McMahon in the past, but this battle at No Mercy is personal to him. The Samoan beast is not only looking for revenge on Triple H, but he may also want to prove a point. Umaga may not be satisfied at No Mercy until he sees The Game's blood flow like a river in the ring.

Triple H is aware of the danger before him at No Mercy, but he wouldn't have it any other way. The list of Superstars who have fallen before him in his illustrious career reads like a who's who of legends, Hall of Famers and badasses -- and he wants to add Umaga to the list. His message to the Samoan Bulldozer: Bring it on.

"I'm sure he's looking for me," he said. "But there's one thing Umaga should know that I'm sure everybody else knows: I'm not hard to find. All he got to do is come looking. I'll give him all the fight he wants. If I can finish the job, I will."

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