Game on at the Garden

When RAW makes its historic return to Madison Square Garden on Monday night, New York City will witness a WWE first as WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon takes on Triple H in the main event. The Chairman has never participated in the main event of any WWE event at the Garden, and he's certainly couldn't have picked much tougher of an opponent than the 10-time World Champion.

In January 2002, Triple H was part of his own milestone at the Garden; after being out of action for eight months thanks to a torn quadriceps, The Game returned at MSG on January 7 to announce his entry into the 2002 Royal Rumble Match. Four years later, Triple H is eager to be part of another historic night in the World's Most Famous Arena. 

"It will certainly be a historic night, the first time Vince McMahon is in the main event at Madison Square Garden…the house that his family and WWE built," The Game admitted. "You know, it's a fitting place for it all to come to an end, for him to get in the ring and get destroyed. Because that's what will happen."

While just competing in Madison Square Garden is an adrenaline rush for him, The Game says that doing it while getting his hands on the Chairman is doubly sweet.

"Anytime you get an opportunity, no matter how long you've been in the business…anytime you get to into MSG, the be-all and end-all of arenas in my opinion, and be in the main event, it's awesome. To do it against Vince McMahon will make it that much sweeter."

The match will be just six days before Triple H and Shawn Michaels face Mr. McMahon, Shane McMahon and Big Show in a Hell in a Cell Match at Unforgiven. Given how the McMahons managed to get the upper hand on DX two weeks ago on RAW, there may be cause for concern that the Chairman has something else in the works; Triple H, however, isn't worried about that at all.

"I'm not concerned, and I don't think Vince is not planning some kind of shady deal to get himself out of or give himself an advantage before Hell in a Cell," The Game confidently declared. "But at Unforgiven when they put the chain on the door and lock us into that cell, and there's nowhere to run or hide, Shawn and I will destroy what is left of the McMahon legacy. And if Big Show wants to stick his big giant head in there, that's fine; he's nothing more than a blip on the radar for us, that's all."

Who will survive when the King of Kings meets the Chairman at the Mecca of Sports-Entertainment?

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