Another goodbye?

Monday night, Trish Stratus said farewell to RAW when she defeated Mickie James in her final RAW match. However, the result of the main event at Unforgiven this Sunday will determine whether or not Trish was the only one to say goodbye to RAW that night.

If John Cena does not defeat Edge in a TLC Match for the WWE Championship at Unforgiven, he will leave RAW and sign a three-year deal with SmackDown. Cena did defeat Edge in what could be his final RAW match on Monday; he teamed with Jeff Hardy & Carlito to defeat the Rated-R Superstar, Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro and Randy Orton.

While he’s been arguably the top star on RAW since coming to the brand in the 2005 Draft Lottery, Cena says that being back on SmackDown would be big as well.

“Don’t get me wrong, SmackDown is where I started and made a home for myself,” Cena said. “They’re moving to the new CW Network, and there’s nothing but big things in store for that brand. I’d have no problem going back.”

But would he be upset about leaving RAW?

“The only reason I’d be sour is because that means I lost a WWE Championship match… and as in any competition, you don’t want to lose.” 

Many might think that Cena made a mistake by putting his RAW life on the line to get another chance at Edge. However, the former WWE Champion thinks that in doing so, he actually outsmarted the current champion.

“Hey, it was the only way I could get another championship match. I lost at SummerSlam, and that doesn’t exactly leave me as the No. 1 Contender,” Cena admitted. “Edge was rather adamant about wanting me out of his life, so for once I became the “smartest contender ever” by pretty much putting my career on the line. Now, with every move comes consequences; if I lose I go to SmackDown, and I’m at peace with that. But I will do everything I can not to lose.”

But if Monday night was indeed his last RAW, Cena feels that it was the best possible ending.

“If I’m going to go out on one last RAW, being in New York City on 9/11 is the way to do it. We won and it was a hell of a night.”

Of course, he also had a message for his potential opponents on SmackDown as well.

“Anyone with a championship better hold onto it tight,” Cena warned, “because if I come to SmackDown, I’m coming for you.”

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