Reactions to McMahon's little bastard

Reactions to McMahon's little bastard

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- Mr. McMahon was bewildered; his eyelids pulled like window shades, his mouth Zip-locked shut and his vocal chords pulled tighter than guitar strings when it was revealed that his illegitimate son was none other than SmackDown's Cruiserweight Champion -- and the smallest member on the WWE roster -- Hornswoggle.

Simply put, the always outspoken WWE Chairman was speechless. However, the other Superstars who were once suspected to be his kin were not:


Balls Mahoney
"Hornswoggle…I love it. Have fun, Vince. Maybe me and your son will go out and tilt back a few Guinness's."

Mickie James
"I think it's wonderful. What a slap in the face to Mr. McMahon. He was expecting some huge, dominating force and instead he got Hornswoggle, who is so cute and lovable. I think it's just great."

The Miz
"Hornswoggle McMahon is the greatest thing I've ever seen. It's true what they say, that Hornswoggle really is a little bastard."

Matt Hardy
"Not what I expected. I can't imagine Mr. McMahon, who prides himself on being a genetic jackhammer, will be too pleased. I'm just pleased it wasn't me."

"I think Hornswoggle is fun, witty and he's a successful little guy; he's the Cruiserweight Champion. I think he'll brighten up the McMahons' dinners on holidays. I can't wait to see the pictures."

"Hornswoggle is great. He and Mr. McMahon look cute together. I'm happy for Hornswoggle."

"Shocked, dismayed, awed, and any other word for ‘surprised' that someone can think of." attempted to receive comment from the McMahon family, but was told they have no comment at this time.

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