Have Orton's mind games already won the WWE Championship?

Have Orton's mind games already won the WWE Championship?

GREEN BAY, Wisc. -- John Cena snorted and growled as a sea of security guards strained to pull him away from Randy Orton. Meanwhile, the Legend Killer couldn't help but smile -- he knew he was driving Cena crazy and that if he had his way, the WWE Championship would be in his hands in less than a week at Unforgiven.

Acting Raw GM Jonathan Coachman had barred the WWE Champion from the Resch Center as a precaution and for Cena's own safety because of the volatile situation between him and Orton. But not even a swarm of guards could keep Cena from running through the crowd and jumping the guardrail to get at Orton. (WATCH)

The Champ has been in a blind rage ever since Orton attacked his father two weeks ago and gave him a severe concussion. The Raw locker room and all of WWE were stunned last week when an enraged Cena attacked GM William Regal after he announced that he would be facing Orton in a SummerSlam rematch at Unforgiven. Cena, howling in a primeval rage locked Regal in the STFU and had to be pulled off by several WWE officials.

The attack on Regal clearly showed that Cena was out of control and willing to do anything -- and risk anything -- to get his hands on Orton. Unlike other opponents, the Legend Killer had made his rivalry with Cena personal. For Cena, although the match at Unforgiven is for the title, the WWE Championship is not a priority. Revenge for his dad is first and foremost on his mind. And Orton, ever the opportunist, basked in Cena's rage and baited him.

"In every title defense you've been clear-headed. You've had focus," he said. "It's a bit different this time, isn't it John? Every match you've had was business, not personal. Not like this. When I kicked your father in the head, I got into your head. I didn't kick your father in the head because I'm a mean guy Cena; I did it to throw you off your game. It's only a matter of time until you make a mistake and when you do, I'm going to capitalize and become the new WWE Champion."

It's almost inconceivable how enraged Cena must be. He had defeated Orton at SummerSlam and thought he would be able to move on to the next challenge. Both Regal and Mr. McMahon had denied the Legend Killer's initial demands for a rematch. What did Orton do? He manipulated the entire situation and attacked Cena's father. Instead of getting punished, Orton got exactly what he wanted in the first place. In a sense, he was rewarded for attacking Cena's father. It's no wonder that The Champ seems angry at the world. Wouldn't you be?

But what's also difficult to swallow is that Orton may be right. He may have the advantage going into Unforgiven. He has gone where no other opponent has gone before with Cena and made their rivalry personal. It looks like he has driven Cena crazy. The cold, calculating Orton is counting on Cena to come at him with a white, hot blind rage so that he could set him up for the kill -- and loss of the WWE Championship. Orton has shown that it only takes one mistake from an opponent -- and one RKO -- for him to get a victory.

So what does John Cena see when he sees Randy Orton these days? Does he see his dad and all the wonderful moments they've shared? Does he see Orton dragging his father out of his front row seat in front of a hometown crowd and viciously punting him in the head? Does he imagine himself locking the STFU on Orton and pulling on him until the vessels in his forehead burst? He had these words for Mr. McMahon as security escorted him out of the arena.

"I'm going after Randy Orton this Sunday at Unforgiven, and I am looking for his blood," he said, his voice quaking. "I am looking for vengeance for me, my family and my father."

But Cena mentioned nothing about the WWE Championship. Somewhere Randy Orton is smiling. He wouldn't have it any other way.

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