Is Carlito ready to play The Game?

Is Carlito ready to play The Game?

GREEN BAY, Wis. -- The sight of Triple H gripping a sledgehammer in one hand and holding up the crimson-soaked face of Umaga last week on Raw should have scared off Carlito and made him think twice about crossing The Cerebral Assassin ever again. But with an attempted attack with a chair on Raw Monday night -- and a stipulation that stacks their match at Unforgiven in his favor -- Carlito showed that he was ready to play The Game.

After seeing Triple H decimate the seemingly indestructible Samoan Bulldozer, some observers may not have given Carlito much of a chance in their scheduled match at Unforgiven. But Monday night, the Caribbean Bad Apple showed he could be just as cerebral and as much an assassin (or at least attempted assassin) as the 10-time world champion.

Mr. McMahon was still seething over The Game embarrassing him two straight weeks on Raw. Two weeks ago on Carlito's Cabana, Triple H brought out a train of skuzzy floozies who had claimed past relationships with the Chairman, and then he allegedly sabotaged Mr. McMahon's tribute video to daughter Stephanie last week. In apparent retribution, Acting GM Jonathan Coachman allowed Carlito to pick Triple H's opponent Monday night, and the second-generation Superstar showed he had done his homework. He picked Shelton Benjamin, who had always given Triple H problems in the past. Three years ago, before he won the Intercontinental Championship, he defeated The Game on multiple occasions -- a feat not many Superstars can claim.

Perhaps Carlito hoped Benjamin could embarrass Triple H before this Sunday's Unforgiven. Maybe he thought he would at least soften him up and leave him open for a whack across the back with a steel chair. Benjamin pushed The Game to the limit, as he always seems to do, but Carlito may have left the biggest impression with the attempted attack. He almost succeeded in knocking Triple H out with a chair to the spine.

The Game managed to avoid the attack at the last minute, but he was put on notice. Coachman, in his second act of apparent retribution on behalf of Mr. McMahon, made the match at Unforgiven a No Disqualification Match for Carlito only. The second-generation Superstar can use any weapon on The King of Kings and not get disqualified; if Triple H uses a weapon, he will lose automatically. (WATCH)

The Caribbean Superstar believes the "overrated" Triple H is only tough when he has a sledgehammer in his hands. But Carlito better be careful. Triple H isn't called The Cerebral Assassin for nothing, and he may find out the hard way Sept. 16 at Unforgiven.

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