The Price is Raw

The Price is Raw

CHICAGO — If you've read Bob Barker's autobiography "Priceless Memories," you know the former Price Is Right host has seen many strange things during his 50 years in show business. Yet, even the wildest Showcase Showdown moment couldn't prepare Barker for his stint as Raw's celebrity guest host. From a Body Slam Challenge between two of WWE's largest Superstars to a battle between DX and the unique combination of Randy Orton & Chris Masters, the final Raw before Sunday's WWE Breaking Point was one to remember.

D-Generation X def. WWE Champion Randy Orton & Chris Masters (PHOTOS | WATCH | MORE DX)
Despite having never teamed before, The Viper's viciousness and Masters' brute strength made a great combination. Yet, in the end, HBK forced The Masterpiece to tap out to give DX the victory. The night didn't end there, however. The Legacy then rushed to the ring and brawled with DX all the way to the locker room area before retreating from the arena in a stolen car.

In the ring, Randy Orton grabbed the microphone and told the WWE Universe that he will leave WWE Breaking Point with his championship. This arrogant announcement caused John Cena to rush to the ring to confront Orton. The two men quickly traded blows before Orton laid the 12 Rounds star out with a brutal DDT. The Viper then showed how vicious he can be by delivering an RKO to Cena onto a steel chair. As Raw came to a close, Orton stood over Cena's fallen body and vowed to make him quit on Sunday. (WATCH)

Bob Barker battled Chavo Guerrero in the locker room (WATCH)
In a scene reminiscent of the 1996 Adam Sandler comedy Happy Gilmore, Bob Barker proved he was one tough senior citizen when he was confronted by Chavo Guerrero in the locker room. The self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" demanded that Barker give him the car he'd failed to win earlier in the evening. When Guerrero got in Barker's face, the "Priceless Memories" author, who studied karate under Chuck Norris, delivered a brutal chop to the stunned Superstar. Bob then reminded the WWE Universe to spay and neuter their pets, ending an amazing night as Raw's special guest host. 

Trish Stratus announced as next Monday's Raw guest host
The WWE Universe rejoiced when it was announced that seven-time Women's Champion Trish Stratus would be the guest host for next Monday's Raw. The beautiful Diva, who retired in 2006, will bring her gorgeous smile and, if necessary, her devastating Stratusfaction bulldog to the Air Canada Centre in her hometown of Toronto next Monday night.

Mark Henry def. Big Show in a Body Slam Challenge (PHOTOS | WATCH)
The night's fun and games continued with Bob Barker giving Santino Marella an opportunity to win his very own hot tub. All the Italian Superstar had to do was defeat the 485-pound Big Show in a Body Slam Challenge and he'd be soaking in style. But, despite a heroic effort, the unibrowed warrior simply couldn't heave the giant. Instead, Show hoisted Marella with ease and dropped him like a Plinko chip to win the match. (WATCH)

The Unified Tag Team Champion laughed at the defeated Marella, but his smile soon turned to a grimace when Barker informed him that he had another opponent tonight — The World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry. The tough Texan marched to the ring with his eyes locked on Show and the two bulls immediately charged each other. While Big Show is one of the few men on the planet who can stand toe to toe with Henry, he was on the losing end of their confrontation tonight. After Henry slammed Show, MVP came down to the ring to celebrate. The two partners were clearly feeling confident going into Sunday's Unified Tag Team Championship Match at WWE Breaking Point.

Batista returns to Raw next Monday (WATCH)
After suffering an injury at the hands of WWE Champion Randy Orton in June, Batista will make his return on next Monday's Raw. On this can't-miss night, The Animal will make a major, potentially career-altering announcement.

John Cena def. Cody Rhodes by disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Before locking up with John Cena, Cody Rhodes addressed Randy Orton's RKO on his father, Dusty Rhodes, from last Monday's Raw. While the WWE Universe wondered if this shocking move would cause Rhodes to leave The Legacy, the second-generation Superstar made it clear that he would be sticking with Orton and Ted DiBiase. He then vowed to make Cena tap out in tonight's contest.

Things did not go the way Rhodes had planned, however. With his WWE Championship "I Quit" Match against Orton only six days away, Cena looked more motivated than ever. The 12 Rounds star tossed Rhodes around the ring before locking in his brutal STF submission hold. Rhodes reached his own breaking point and was ready to submit when The Viper interfered, causing a disqualification. Cena was clearly enraged by Orton's audacity and delivered an Attitude Adjustment to Cody Rhodes, sending a clear message to the WWE Champion.

Evan Bourne def. Chavo Guerrero (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Before his match with the explosive Evan Bourne, Chavo Guerrero was informed by Bob Barker that he would win a new Corvette if he could defeat the high-flyer. The idea of driving out of the Allstate Arena in a cherry red sports car clearly inspired Guerrero and he attacked "Air" Bourne with vigor from the opening bell.

After months of repeatedly losing to Hornswoggle, it seemed as if the self-proclaimed "Mexican Warrior" would finally come up with a winning bid tonight. But just when it seemed as though Chavo might grab a victory, the little Irishman appeared from under the ring. Hornswoggle distracted Guerrero, helping Bourne get the pin and dooming Chavo to another year of driving the same old low rider.

DX spun The Price is Raw wheel
In the locker room area, Bob Barker gave DX an opportunity to spin the wheel in order to determine their opponents for tonight. As luck would have it, the unique combination of WWE Champion Randy Orton & Chris Masters came up, giving Triple H & Shawn Michaels reason to smile. The duo was more than happy about an opportunity to inflict some punishment on The Legacy leader before they face Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase in a Submissions Count Anywhere Match at WWE Breaking Point on Sunday.

Montel Vontavious Porter def. Chris Jericho (PHOTOS | WATCH)
When Chris Jericho accidentally came up with the winning bid on contestants' row, he was given the opportunity to score a trip to Hawaii — if he could defeat MVP. The two men, who will meet in the Unified Tag Team Championship Match in six days at WWE Breaking Point, locked horns last Monday with Jericho coming out on top.

Tonight, however, The Ballin' Superstar was right on the money, outmaneuvering the cocky Jericho and picking up a big victory. After the match, Jericho kicked and screamed. Not only had he lost the match, but he'd blown his opportunity to work on his tan in Honolulu.

Bob Barker kicked off The Price is Raw (PHOTOS | WATCH)
When the explosive bombast of pyro that usually opens Raw was replaced by the familiar tune of The Price Is Right theme song, the WWE Universe knew this was going to be a unique Monday night. Tonight's guest host, game show legend Bob Barker, confirmed this when he revealed that WWE Superstars and Divas would be competing for incredible prizes all night long. The 19-time Emmy Winner then welcomed Jillian Hall, Santino Marella, Irwin R. Schyster and Chris Jericho to contestants' row to bid on The Best of SmackDown 10th Anniversary DVD. The winning bidder would then be given an opportunity to compete for an even bigger prize later in the evening. 

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