With Unforgiven two weeks away, three rivalries intertwined in an Intergender Tag Team main event on RAW. WWE Champion Edge, Women's Champion Lita and Randy Orton teamed up to defeat John Cena, Trish Stratus and Carlito after the Legend Killer dropped Trish with a devastating RKO that allowed Lita to steal the pinfall to give her team the victory.

When RAW began, Edge arrogantly boasted from atop a ladder about his experience advantage when he faces John Cena in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match in his hometown of Toronto, Canada on Sept. 17 at Unforgiven. A win by the Rated R Superstar would send his most bitter rival to SmackDown for the next three years.

While Edge proclaimed himself the projected winner, citing he has the "skill, agility, speed and smarts" to prevail in the TLC Match, Cena decided to show the Rated R Superstar that he won't sit idle and lose the match without putting up a fight. After Cena shook Edge from the ladder and gave him a thunderous FU through a table, he piled a ladder and chair over the top of the champion. The rage and fire burning in Cena's eyes as he stared at the decimated champion were enough to keep Edge weary of the Doctor of Thuganomics during the Intergender Match later in the evening.

Prior to the main event, SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long walked to a skybox to scout his potential future SmackDown Superstar. The GM told WWE.com that he has the three year contract that's signed by Cena and is now anxiously awaiting the outcome of the TLC Match at Unforgiven.

In the match, Edge did his best to steer clear of the fired-up Cena. When Cena took a tag, the WWE Champion cowered into the corner and tagged Lita. But, when mayhem broke loose and Edge had nowhere to run, Cena went to work on him while Carlito focused on Orton.

The action spilled outside of the ring and the four men battled it out while Lita and Trish traded blows in the ring. Trish took control and just when it looked like she had the Women's Champion where she wanted her, Orton snuck into the ring and dropped Trish with a RKO when the referee was distracted.

That was only the end of a horrible night for Trish. Not only did she suffer a RKO from Orton, but her spotlight was stolen by Lita for the second week in a row. Trish waited all night to give her fans a proper farewell speech, but Lita was audacious enough to interrupt her before she could. During Lita's rude interruption, Trish told her that she also planned to challenge her to a match.

"One last time, one last match for the Women's Championship," Trish said.

Lita snarled, "I can't think of a better way to end your career than to beat you. I'll be standing over you as the Women's Champion [at Unforgiven]."

That's when the two Divas tackled each other and began fighting. Carlito came to Trish's aid, but Orton clobbered him from behind. The explosive beginning to RAW is what set up the main event, and imagine the agony Carlito was going through when he witnessed the brash Legend Killer lay out Trish with a RKO.

Carlito and Trish have become extremely close over the past few months. The two have shared intimate moments and romantic kisses on more than one occasion. Perhaps Orton gave her a RKO to spite Carlito or simply to prove that he'll destroy anyone that steps in his way. Regardless, Orton's incorrigible actions solidified him as one of the most deplorable Superstars on the RAW roster.

Speaking of deplorable, the McMahons had a very serious message sent to them by DX. Triple H and Shawn Michaels showed the Chairman and Shane McMahon that they're through playing games as they prepare to meet the McMahons and ECW World Champion Big Show at Unforgiven in Hell in a Cell.

The McMahons brought the Extreme Giant with them to RAW one night before he's slated to take on DX in a handicap match on ECW on Sci Fi. The Extremist told the McMahons that the two "derelicts" would "pay the price" when they stepped into the ECW ring with him.

But his words only incited The Game and HBK to come out from the locker room area… and they didn't come empty handed, as Triple H brought his sledgehammer and HBK brought a steel chair. 

"It's been a long time since someone has made us taste our own blood," said The Game, speaking about the beating DX suffered at the hands of the McMahons and the Chairman's lead pipe last week on RAW. "So for that Vince, we just have two words for you -- thank you. Thank you for reminding us just who the hell we are."

Then DX charged the ring, where they sent the McMahons and Big Show fleeing as they used the sledgehammer and chair to tear through a dozen members of the McMahons' private security force.

WWE fans haven't seen this side of Triple H or Shawn Michaels since they reunited DX a few months ago. They've said their careers were made in Hell in a Cell and plan to take out their angst on the McMahons at Unforgiven. But, they'll have to make it past the 500-pound ECW Champion on ECW on Sci Fi first. Can DX avoid being dismantled when they step into extreme territory Tuesday on ECW on Sci Fi?

Also, Kane emerged to answer the insults of the undefeated Umaga. While Ric Flair was planting kisses on Maria in the ring, Armando Alejandro Estrada interrupted. After Flair refused to admit that he was no longer "the man," Estrada called on the Samoan Bulldozer to attack the "Nature Boy." But, before Umaga could get his claws on Flair, Kane appeared and unleashed a beating that the Samoan Bulldozer hasn't seen since his debut in WWE. At Unforgiven, can Kane put the first loss on the undefeated Umaga's record?

In another match that was set for Unforgiven, Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro will take on Jeff Hardy with Intercontinental gold on the line. On RAW, Melina interfered and stopped the referee from making the three count to save Nitro from losing his championship. Hardy hit a Twist of Fate that left Nitro dazed, and without Melina's help, RAW would have a new Intercontinental Champion. Due to the controversy surrounding the outcome of the match, the rematch was made at Unforgiven. Can Hardy figure out a way to keep Melina out of the match? Will that be his pathway to claiming the Intercontinental Championship for the second time?

Another championship match that was added for Unforgiven will see the Highlanders challenge the Spirit Squad for the World Tag Tam Championship. On RAW, to determine the No. 1 contender, the Highlanders outlasted the teams of Viscera & Charlie Haas and Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch in a Triple Threat Match. The Highlanders have been itching to get their hands on the Squad's championship since the overwhelming numbers of the five-man Spirit Squad gave Robbie and Rory McAllister their first loss since several weeks ago. Can the two Superstars from Scotland finally get their hands on the reason they came to the United States: the World Tag Team Championship?

RAW also got a glimpse of a new tag team that will be making their way to the ring in the near future, as well. Shad Gaspard and JTG -- collectively known as Cryme Time -- demonstrated in sketch comedy fashion how they're getting themselves in shape for tag team action. This week, they showed how quickly they can work when they're holding up the smoothie store. What will the outlandish duo do next to prepare for their big debut?

Also, Super Crazy made his RAW debut this week. After his SmackDown contract expired, Super Crazy signed with RAW, and appeared to answer Chris Masters' open challenge. The last person Masters was expecting to walk down the ramp was Super Crazy, and he probably wasn't expecting the former member of the Mexicools to pull a huge upset victory after landing a top rope moonsault.

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