The Future of the Intercontinental Championship

Monday night on RAW, Jeff Hardy defeated Randy Orton to become No. 1 Contender for the Intercontinental Championship in just his second week back in WWE action. Next up for the high-flying daredevil will be Intercontinental Champion Johnny Nitro. No timetable has been set for the match, but both competitors are excited, and for good reason.

Coming off of a three-year hiatus, Jeff Hardy would love nothing more than to continue his momentum with a second Intercontinental Championship. Can he ride this current wave of emotion all the way to the gold?

If anyone believes he cannot, it’s current champion Johnny Nitro, who starred in his own press conference along with manager Melina on RAW to explain the Diva’s double-cross against Mick Foley and confirm that they are WWE’s power couple. Later, caught up with Nitro to discuss his defense of the Intercontinental Championship, and he restated some of his press conference announcements.

“I’m champion for a reason. I am what a true champion should be, what a true champion should look like,” cracked the eccentrically dressed Nitro. “I am the future of sports-entertainment. [Melina] knows that, I know that, and deep down everybody knows that.”

Nitro is no doubt brash and outspoken, but the Intercontinental Champion did show a degree of respect for his opponent, recognizing the challenger’s unconventional style. How will Nitro react to Hardy’s high-risk maneuvers and willingness to sacrifice his body for the gold?

“Jeff Hardy thinks he can take the Intercontinental Championship from me. He thinks he’s a risk taker – maybe an adrenaline junkie, a thrill-seeker of sorts – but what he doesn’t realize is I’m smarter than that. I take calculated risks, he takes uncalculated risks, and that’s what’s gonna cost him his shot at the title,” declared a resolute Nitro.

Can Jeff Hardy put a Championship stamp on his return to WWE? Will “the future of sports-entertainment” successfully defend his Championship? As he attempts to do so, he will be flanked by Melina, a Diva who has already shown that she isn’t afraid to mix things up in the ring. Will she get involved in this Intercontinental Championship clash? Perhaps most importantly, when and where will Hardy and Nitro meet? Watch Monday Night RAW, live at 9/8 CT on USA for more.


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