Nitro says Hardy is no cause for alarm

Jeff Hardy has taken RAW by storm since returning to WWE from a three year hiatus less than one month ago. His victory against Randy Orton last week on RAW made the high-flying Hardy the No. 1 contender for the Intercontinental Championship. Tonight on RAW, Hardy will attempt to become a two-time Intercontinental Champion when he takes on the Johnny Nitro for the gold.

The energy behind Hardy's impressive return doesn't bother Nitro, who told that he sees no cause for alarm.

"When you're as talented and charismatic as I am, you have no reason to worry or doubt your own ability," said the always confident Nitro. "I'm smart about what I do; Jeff Hardy — not so smart."

Nitro has defined Hardy as a thrill-seeker and an adrenaline junkie… but the aerial risks that Hardy has become known for are the reason Nitro believes he's got the advantage.

"I do concrete moves and I don't take uncalculated risks; that is the difference between me and Jeff Hardy," he said. "He'll throw caution into the wind and risk something that may or may not payoff. I only do things that have a definite payoff."

To reclaim Intercontinental gold, Hardy will have to keep his eyes open for Nitro's girlfriend, Melina. At times, Melina has bailed Nitro out of trouble when he's been in competition. But Hardy said he doesn't care who's at ringside, and that he doesn't plan to change his style that's led him to success in the past.

"I'm going in wide open, full throttle," Hardy said. "The fans are a big motivator. I'm extremely excited; I know what it feels like to win the Intercontinental Championship so to relive that tonight would be amazing."

The free spirited Hardy will have his hands full tonight on RAW. Can he become the Superstar to finally strip Nitro of the Intercontinental Championship? Tune into to RAW at 9/8 CT on the USA Network to find out.


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