How will DX respond?

Last Monday night on RAW, Triple H and Shawn Michaels suffered their worst beating since re-uniting D-Generation X. Following DX's match with Mr. McMahon's three hired guns from SmackDown, the Chairman, son Shane and ECW World Champion Big Show assaulted the degenerates, with Mr. McMahon leaving them both bloody after a vicious attack with a pipe.

All year, it has been Mr. McMahon's goal to make Michaels' life a living hell; but since HBK and The Game reformed DX a few months ago, it's been the Chairman whose life has been miserable. From graffiti on his possessions to roosters in his hotel room, Mr. McMahon had been beaten by DX at every turn…until last Monday.

Tuesday night, DX will go to ECW on Sci Fi to take on Big Show in a Handicap Match. But before that, they must venture to Atlanta for Monday's RAW. What will the degenerates do or say when they are once again in the same building as the Chairman and his son Shane?

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