Fans make the call: Triple H the favorite son

Fans make the call: Triple H the favorite son

The games will come to an end as Mr. McMahon will officially find out the identity of his illegitimate son Monday night on Raw. But WWE's Fan Nation has already made their choice on who they think is the bastard child — they think it's The Game.

Twenty-three percent of the more than 600,000 fans that voiced their opinion think that Triple H is McMahon's lovechild. We don't know if Stephanie McMahon is a religious person, but you can bet she must be praying to the heavens that this is not the case, since she was formerly married to The King of Kings. Knowing that she might have kissed her brother in a very unbrotherly way is enough to make her stomach turn.

Shockingly, coming in second was ECW's Stevie Richards with 18% of the vote. At a glance, the long-time ECW veteran doesn't appear to have any resemblance to McMahon, but has shown his leadership mettle as the head of the factions Right To Censor and Blue World Order in the past. Does he get it from dad? We'll find out.

Interestingly, tag-team specialist Paul London ranks in the top five. The man who seemed amused the night Mr. McMahon was presumed dead. But would he be amused if he found out he was the Chairman's son?

The fans were also drawn to gold. About 20% of those polled believe McMahon's son is a current WWE titleholder. Knowing the McMahons' competitive drive and aggressive nature in both the ring and business world, this assumption is understandable.

According to the fans, some of the least-likely to be McMahon's son include former WWE Tag Team Champion Deuce, Highlander Robbie McAllister, and former Cruiserweight Champion Chavo Guerrero — all received just 0.1% of the vote.

Though not a choice in the poll, Mr. Kennedy is still determined to prove that Mr. McMahon is his dad, despite the information from the representative of the woman that filed a paternity suit against the Chairman. Knowing Raw is in Kennedy's hometown of Green Bay, Wisc., look for the loud-mouthed Superstar to make his case in front of a friendly crowd.

So is WWE's Fan Nation correct? We'll find out on Monday Night Raw at 9/8 CT on USA Network.

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