WWE Mobile on AT&T: Shamed to action

WWE Mobile on AT&T: Shamed to action

Not only were Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase berated and belittled by a returning Randy Orton, but Rhodes also took a hard slap to the face by the Legend Killer. And all because the World Tag Team Champions had allowed their titles to be jacked by the "thugs," as Orton called them, of Cryme Tyme.

The indignity finally prompted Rhodes & DiBiase to step up and take action.

As Shad & JTG prepped to battle former WWE Tag Team Champions The Miz & John Morrison, the "priceless" boys bolted in and reclaimed the championships that had been stolen from them weeks earlier.

Just six days before they defend their titles, the World Tag Team Champions spoke about proving Orton wrong and how they plan to beat Shad & JTG at Unforgiven, available exclusively through WWE Mobile on AT&T. Don't have Ringside yet? Subscribe or switch today.

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