American nightmare

American nightmare

DETROIT -- Always a welcome sight to the WWE Universe, special guest host and WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, made his stint on Raw a memorable one with three title matches as well as a contest he made famous: A Bull Rope Match. However, while "The American Dream" may have started out being cheered by the fans in attendance, they quickly turned on the WWE Legend when he joined The Legacy in a brutal attack on both John Cena and D-Generation X. But in a bit of poetic justice, the tables were turned once again, as Rhodes fell victim to a brutal RKO, courtesy of WWE Champion Randy Orton.

WWE Champion Randy Orton vs. Cody Rhodes ended in a no contest when The Legacy attacked guest referee John Cena, drawing out D-Generation X (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Before Raw's main event between WWE Champion Randy Orton and Cody Rhodes could begin, special guest host Dusty Rhodes reminded John Cena and the WWE Universe that there's nothing he wouldn't do for his son. Following his declaration, both Orton and Cody Rhodes turned on The Viper's WWE Breaking Point opponent. The third member of Legacy then joined his associates in attacking Cena.

The treacherous act got the attention of D-Generation X, however, who rushed to the ring in spite of the three-on-two odds. After Dusty Rhodes clobbered Triple H with his boot, the multi-generational Superstars got the best of DX. But as Legacy stood proud over Cena, The Game and HBK, yet another double-cross occurred, with Orton hitting Hall of Famer Rhodes with a lightning-quick RKO. Though Cody Rhodes was initially angry about The Viper's attack on his father, he reluctantly fell in line.

D-Generation X watched "The Rise & Fall of WCW" with Dusty Rhodes, but were interrupted by a new Shockmaster (WATCH | MORE DX)
Throughout the night, Raw's special guest host Dusty Rhodes was joined in his office by D-Generation X. Together, the three watched selected clips from the new DVD, "The Rise & Fall of WCW" (order it now on WWE Shop). Though the DVD is chock-full of fantastic moments, there's one in particular that Triple H was missing: The coming of The Shockmaster. After explaining the moment to Rhodes and Shawn Michaels, the three were joined by an all-new Shockmaster, who revealed himself to be none other than Santino Marella.

Divas Champion Mickie James def. Beth Phoenix (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Earlier in the night, Beth Phoenix defeated five other sexy, smart and powerful Divas to earn a title opportunity for the Divas Championship. With little time to rest or prepare for the match, The Glamazon faced Divas Champion Mickie James on the very same night. Participating in her second match of the night may well have taken its toll on Beth, who despite her impressive physical abilities, was unable to defeat the fan-favorite Mickie.

United States Champion Kofi Kingston def. The Miz, Jack Swagger and Carlito (PHOTOS | WATCH)
In recent weeks, The Miz has made bold claims about his abilities and how he should be the one wearing the United States Championship around his waist. On Raw, special guest host Dusty Rhodes gave Miz as well as Carlito and Jack Swagger a chance to prove themselves, when he set a Fatal Four Way Match in which Kofi Kingston would defend the title. Despite an impressive showing from the three challengers, it was The Jamaican Craze who won the day, pinning Carlito to retain the United States Championship.

Mark Henry def. Unified WWE Tag Team Champion Big Show by disqualification (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Though they'll be facing one another at WWE Breaking Point as part of the Unified WWE Tag Team Match, Raw saw Mark Henry square off against Unified WWE Tag Team Champion Big Show one-on-one. Though The World's Largest Athlete's tag team partner, Chris Jericho, was able to send a clear message to their nemeses by defeating MVP, Big Show made his point by smashing his opponent's head into an exposed turnbuckle. Though the act was a punishing one, it also resulted in The World's Largest Athlete's disqualification, giving Henry the win.

Hornswoggle def. Chavo Guerrero in a Bull Rope Match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
Once again, Chavo Guerrero was forced to compete against Hornswoggle on Monday Night Raw. This time, however, their contest would be one that Dusty Rhodes made famous: A Bull Rope Match. While ‘Swoggle came to the ring dressed for success as a rope wielding cowboy, Guerrero was forced to either wear a cow costume including oversized head, or forfeit the match.

As both Superstars struggled to attain victory by tying up their opponent, the self-proclaimed "Mexican warrior" grew frustrated with his outfit, removing the cow head and going after Hornswoggle. Luckily, another Superstar rushed to the leprechaun's aid -- the high-flying Evan Bourne helped distract Guerrero, insuring ‘Swoggle's victory. To add insult to injury, the mischievous Hornswoggle climbed to the top rope, where Bourne placed the cow head on the leprechaun, who then landed a Tadpole Splash on his opponent.

Unified WWE Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho def. MVP (PHOTOS | WATCH)
After being defeated by MVP & Mark Henry during a tag team match on the previous Raw, Unified WWE Tag Team Champion Chris Jericho was eager to get payback on The Ballin' Superstar. The nefarious Superstar pulled out all the stops during their match, pinning MVP for the win and sending a clear message to Porter & Henry, who will challenge Jericho & Big Show for the Unified WWE Tag Team Championships at WWE Breaking Point.

Beth Phoenix def. Kelly Kelly, Gail Kim, Rosa Mendes, Jillian and Alicia Fox in an "American Dream" Six-Diva Battle Royal, earning a Divas Title match (PHOTOS | WATCH)
As decreed by special guest host Dusty Rhodes, not only would there be a United States Title Match on Raw, but Mickie James would also defend her Divas Championship. To determine which of WWE's sexy, smart and powerful Divas would have the title opportunity, an "American Dream Six" Diva-Battle Royal was held. Making use of her amazing strength and power, Beth Phoenix bulldozed the competition, becoming the last Diva standing and earning the right to face Divas Champion Mickie James later in the show.

Raw's special guest host, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, announced a WWE Title Match between champion Randy Orton and "The American Dream's" son, Cody Rhodes (PHOTOS)
Before Raw's special guest host, WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, even took to the ring, the WWE Universe knew they were in for a special night. Announced were both a Fatal Four Way for the United States Title in which champion Kofi Kingston would defend against The Miz, Jack Swagger and Carlito, as well as a colossal contest pitting The World's Strongest Man, Mark Henry against The World's Largest Athlete, Big Show.

Once the dancing and gyrating WWE Legend made his way to the ring and quieted down the WWE Universe in attendance, Rhodes announced that though he recognizes that his son, Cody, is arrogant, the second-generation ring warrior is well on his way to becoming a star. To prove his point, "The American Dream" set a WWE Championship Match as the night's main event, in which his son will challenge his mentor Randy Orton for one of WWE's most coveted titles.

To make the contest even more interesting, the Hall of Famer announced that he would be in his son's corner as the No. 1 contender to the WWE Title, John Cena, acted as guest referee. This shocking decision lured out not only The Viper, but also Cody Rhodes, who stood side-by-side with his father in defiance of the leader of The Legacy.

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