Can Edge get rid of Cena?

John Cena will get one more chance at Edge's WWE Championship at Unforgiven. But it will be in a match that Edge has never lost, and one that Cena has never been in -- a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match. And to make matters even tougher for Cena, the match will take place in Edge's hometown of Toronto.

It is no secret that the WWE Championship means the world to John Cena. Ever since losing the gold to Rob Van Dam at ECW One Night Stand, Cena has been hell-bent on regaining the WWE Championship. It looked as though he had Edge right where he wanted him at SummerSlam, but Lita slipped the Rated R Superstar a pair of brass knuckles that eventually led to Cena's demise.

Edge thought that would be the final chapter in the Edge vs. Cena story. He thought it was a happy ending for himself, just like he had predicted. But Cena drowned those thoughts, literally, last week on RAW from Bridgeport, Conn. Earlier in the evening, Lita tossed the WWE Championship belt into the Long Island Sound to reveal a brand new, Rated R WWE Championship belt. Cena attacked Edge later in the night and chased the Champion all the way to the same pier that the WWE Championship belt was tossed off of.

Cena threw Edge into a bulletin board, tossed him around into some bushes and then catapulted him off the pier and into the murky and polluted waters of the Long Island Sound. A distraught Edge floundered in the water until he was finally rescued by the Harbor Patrol.

The following week, with Shane McMahon calling the shots on RAW, Edge demanded that John Cena be fired from RAW. Cena came out holding a piece of paper in his hand and said that he wasn't ready to go just yet. The paper was a contract, straight from the desk of SmackDown General Manager Theodore Long's desk. Cena said that he would leave RAW and go to SmackDown, but before he does, he wanted one more opportunity at Edge's WWE Championship. If Edge beat him again, then Cena would leave RAW. Edge agreed, but only under two conditions -- he would name where and what type of match it would be.

Just a few moments later, Edge let his plans be known. Cena was in the middle of a match with a returning Chris Masters and had the Masterpiece in the dreaded STFU. Before Masters could tap out, Edge hit the ring and slammed Cena with a steel chair. Edge then retrieved a ladder from under the ring and blasted Cena right in the face. To finish him off, the Rated R Superstar sent his arch nemesis crashing through a table. Just to make sure he made himself clear, he explained that the match would be a Tables, Ladders and Chairs Match, and it would be at Unforgiven in his hometown of Toronto.

Will Edge be able to add another TLC victory to his resume and get Cena out of his life forever? Or will Cena emerge victorious from his first-ever TLC Match and regain the gold he craves with every ounce of his being? Tune in to Unforgiven, Sunday Sept. 17 on pay-per-view.

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