One Night Only

Tonight, the USA Network will once again be taken over by its extensive live coverage of the US Open Tennis Championship, meaning that RAW's normal timeslot will be occupied by the action on the court. But that doesn't mean that you'll have to miss RAW, as WWE has worked closely with USA and Sci Fi to make sure RAW, for one night only, will air on Sci Fi.

That's right, tonight RAW will be broadcast live at its normal time on Sci Fi, except on the west coast, where RAW will appear on its normal home, USA Network. For loyal USA fans, RAW will also be shown in its entirety on tape delay at 11:00 p.m. on USA.

Since ECW's return to television on June 13, ECW on Sci Fi has consistently ranked as one of the top three highest rated programs on cable. This week, the RAW Superstars will have a chance to join the fray during a special one-night only WWE television event. Be sure to catch Monday Night RAW on Sci Fi, live at 9/8 CT.

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