Arena Report - Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall

Tonight, the one-time-only RAW on Sci Fi comes to Atlantic City Boardwalk Hall. WWE has paid many visits to Atlantic City, including WrestleManias IV and V. While Boardwalk Hall is a SmackDown favorite location, this will be the first ever televised RAW event in the city of legalized gambling.

Boardwalk Hall, also known as the Historic Atlantic City Convention Hall, reopened after being renovated in 1997. The arena seats 10,500 and is famous for hosting big concerts including the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. The Atlantic City hall is also known for storing the world's largest pipe organ.

WrestleMania IV is best known for Randy Savage's win over Ted DiBiase in the finals of the WWE Championship tournament. It is also remembered as the night Bret Hart became a fan favorite when he destroyed Bad News Brown's winner's trophy from the 20-Man Battle Royal.

At WrestleMania V, Hulk Hogan ended Savage's reign as champion when the Mega Powers brought their internal rivalry to a head. Rick Rude also won the Intercontinental Championship from Ultimate Warrior.

Will DX show up in a mood to gamble and try to push The Chairman and his son even further? Can they top last week's vandalism of the headquarters, plane, and limousine? Will Melina address RAW fans and explain her actions against Mick Foley?

Atlantic City may not be the safest of cities for Edge. After taking a dip in the Long Island Sound, will he pay an unwanted visit to the Jersey shore? What will John Cena have in store for the WWE Champion?  Find out all this and more at 9/8 CT on Sci Fi.

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