‘Animal' magnetism for Triple H and Mr. McMahon

‘Animal' magnetism for Triple H and Mr. McMahon

BOSTON -- What's a return to Monday Night Raw without accusations of illegal cockfighting?

It was like Triple H had never left for eight months due to a knee injury. The 10-time World Champion was back to his old games, using his "animal" instinct to torment WWE Chairman Mr. McMahon over his continued paternity battle.

The TD Banknorth Garden crowd rose to his feet as "Time to Play The Game" interrupted Mr. McMahon's appearance on Carlito's Cabana.

Just moments after McMahon announced that he would sue the anonymous woman who filed a paternity suit against him if she did not reveal the identity of his bastard son by Sept. 10, Triple H seemed more than happy to aid in the Chairman's investigation.

The Game told the fans that he'd spent much of his injury rehab time searching high and low for the parent of McMahon's illegitimate child, and introduced four ladies he believed were likely candidates. Watch the video...

Well, actually three ladies -- one turned out to be a transvestite. One lady sported an eye patch, and one had an uncanny resemblance to the Cabana host. But in the end, while all admitted to past relations with the Chairman, none of the females admitted to being the mother of Mr. McMahon's yet-unknown son.

Then The Game launched into accusations of the Chairman being an animal hater. He claimed People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals was protesting outside the arena, and said that McMahon's reputation for hating all animals was notorious, especially in illegal cockfighting.

McMahon argued, saying he loved all animals -- cats, dogs, horses, even coc… and while the crowd roared with laughter at the Chairman's near faux paux, he sneered at the former World Champion.

"I wish you never came back. I hate you," McMahon told The Game.

As McMahon left, Carlito berated Triple H for his disrespect, spitting apple into The Game's face. With a Chesire Cat-like grin across his face, The King of Kings answered with stiff punches and a spinebuster to the cocky Caribbean native, and then crowned Carlito with a thunderous Pedigree.

For Triple H and our fans, The Game's return to Raw this night was truly all smiles.

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