Orton's career crashing down?

Orton's career crashing down?

BOSTON -- Randy Orton looked like he was watching his world crumble as he glared at John Cena and the WWE Championship. He face turned red, and he slapped himself in a fit of rage.

The third-generation Superstar could not take his ice-blue eyes off the championship. Just 24 hours ago at SummerSlam, he was so close to winning the gold, he could taste it. He could almost practically hear the referee slap the mat a third time and the ring announcer say, "The winner of the match and the NEW …"

But that was not to be for the man who was once the youngest World Heavyweight Champion in WWE history. Cena turned back his challenge and as Monday Night Raw opened, Orton thought he could goad The Champ -- and perhaps persuade Raw GM William Regal -- into giving him another opportunity.

But unfortunately for Orton, there would be no second chances. Cena suggested -- and Regal agreed -- that the Legend Killer did not deserve an immediate rematch. They agreed that Orton had received his opportunity and come up short. Sorry, Randy, you have to go to the back of the line.

A seething Orton would not take no for an answer and attempted to blindside Cena with an RKO from behind. But to add insult to Orton's already wounded ego, he squandered that opportunity, too. Cena avoided the RKO and the Legend Killer was thrown to the outside of the ring, humiliated and defeated.

Orton thought he would have redemption at SummerSlam. He thought that he would reclaim glory at the event where he won the World Heavyweight Championship three years ago. He had a golden opportunity in the palm of his hands just one day ago.

Now he has nothing but broken dreams and "What ifs" swirling in his head. He paces and bares his fangs whenever he hears Cena say, "The Champ is here." Can Orton accept the fact that he must start his quest for the WWE Championship all over again?

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