Championship Scramble scrambled

Championship Scramble scrambled

WILKES-BARRE, Pa. -- For fans of John Cena, Raw carried with it sad news, as General Manager Mike Adamle announced that the three-time WWE Champion had sustained a herniated disk in his neck and would be out indefinitely, unable to participate in the first-ever World Heavyweight Championship Scramble at Unforgiven. Adamle did announce a replacement however: Rey Mysterio, who has been missing in recent months, due to a brutal attack by Kane, if the Big Red Monster's claims are to be believed.

Big Red mauling

Attempting to exact revenge on Kane for his actions against the Master of the 619, Mysterio's friend Batista competed against the Big Red Monster on Raw. When the two powerful Championship Scramble competitors squared off, the seven-footer made good on a claim from earlier in the program, when he promised to hurt Batista if The Animal tests him. Kane introduced a steel chair into the match, causing himself to be disqualified, but neither competitor stopped there, brutalizing one another with the unforgiving weapon. (WATCH)

JBL gets punked

Monday night also saw World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk square off against his SummerSlam opponent, JBL. Punk proved his resiliency by defeating the self-proclaimed "wrestling god," one of the four men he'll face in the World Heavyweight Championship Scramble at Unforgiven.

Eye for an eye

Only a week after Chris Jericho punched HBK's wife in the mouth at SummerSlam, Shawn Michaels entered the ring to address both the first-ever Undisputed Champion and the WWE Universe. Though Jericho wasn't present, he communicated with HBK over the TitanTron. Putting aside his injuries and thoughts of retirement, Michaels challenged the unrepentant Superstar to an Unsanctioned Match at Unforgiven, so that both men and WWE would be absolved of responsibility for what happens in the match. Bristling, the man formerly known as Y2J, accepted the challenge.

Put a price on gold

World Tag Team Champions Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase also received Unforgiven opponents on Raw this week. After defeating Jerry "The King" Lawler & "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, the champions were accosted by Cryme Tyme, who sat comfortably amid the skybox area, holding the World Tag Team Titles they had stolen one week before. Shad & JTG challenged Rhodes & DiBiase to a match at Unforgiven that would give Cryme Tyme a chance to make their ownership of the World Tag Team Titles official, as well as give the champions an opportunity to win back their physical titles. Promising to beat WWE's Robbin' Hoods, their multi-generational rivals eagerly accepted the Unforgiven match.

Lovers' quarrel

One-half of "Glamarella," Women's Champion Beth Phoenix faced off against Kelly Kelly on Raw. In spite of The Glamazon's size and strength advantage, Kelly Kelly managed to actually pin Beth while she was distracted by her beau, Intercontinental Champion Santino Marella. Afterward, Santino tasted Phoenix's full fury as Beth attacked and chased the Italian Superstar from the ring.

Later, in a rematch for the Intercontinental Title, Santino defended his gold against Kofi Kingston. Afterward, Beth entered the ring, appearing to be angry at the Italian Superstar. The Glamazon's heart melted, however, as she and Santino reconciled in the ring, with a pair of passionate kisses.

Sibling rivalry

Making his in-ring debut on Raw was Primo Colon, the younger brother of Carlito. Early in the evening, he spoke with Adamle briefly, explaining to the GM that he doesn't much care for his sibling, believing himself to be his own man, and better than the "cool" Carlito. This rivalry was echoed during Primo's match, where he competed against Charlie Haas, who had been dressed up to look like Carlito. Despite this unorthodox trick, Primo defeated "Charlito," making his first Raw match a successful one. (WATCH)

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