Less than 24 hours after retaining the WWE Championship at SummerSlam, Edge took an unexpected dip in the Bridgeport Harbor at the hands of John Cena. On RAW, The Rated R Superstar's pompous celebration was deep-sixed by Cena just minutes after Lita tossed the bejeweled spinner WWE Championship -- custom-made for the former champion -- into the same waters.

Before taking the plunge, at the start of RAW, an ecstatic and boastful Edge came to Bridgeport, Conn. to not only gloat about his controversial victory in Cena's hometown at SummerSlam, but to make an audacious statement.

Conspicuous by its absence was the diamond-studded WWE Championship that John Cena introduced after winning the gold for the first time at WrestleMania 21. The Rated R Superstar's plot became clear as he called out to Lita who stood outside the arena at the docks of Bridgeport Harbor. To mark what the WWE Champion called a brand-new "Rated R era," the Women's Champion tossed the spinner championship into the murky water.

Following this "burial at sea" was the unveiling of Edge's Rated R Championship back in the arena. Complete with the "Rated R" logo, the gem laden championship was lowered from the rafters into the hands of an elated Edge, who would soon regret his contemptuous actions.

Later in the night, a frenzied Cena interrupted Edge's match with the returning Jeff Hardy and battered his rival through the crowd. followed the action to the outside, as both men brawled beneath an Interstate 95 overpass, alongside railroad service frequented by commuter trains, all the way to the nearby harbor.

In the shadow of a live, active power plant at the other end of the pier, the two enemies fought along the dock. Cena slammed Edge into pillars and pavilions that stood mere feet from the pier's edge, as a number of startled Bridgeport onlookers stood in awe of the vicious, physical confrontation.

Not only using his fists, Cena used a stray hose to choke the WWE Champion and used his anger to gain the advantage. Shouting at WWE officials who were trying to break up the battle, Cena grabbed for Edge and prepared to fling him off the dock into the depths of the Connecticut shoreline.

"Time to swim, champ!" exclaimed a wrathful Cena as he submerged his foe into the dark waves.

Cena marched off away from the water-treading WWE Champion who escaped the decrepit, grimy tides with the help of the Bridgeport Police Department who arrived on the scene moments later. spoke with a Bridgeport Police sergeant after he assisted in the rescue efforts for the Rated R Superstar.

"It's real murky," said the police sergeant. "There's maybe only two or three feet of visibility until you stir up the bottom. It's very muddy on the bottom with a couple of broken shells here and there that birds dropped, and other things that people dropped off the docks over the years like cans and tires. With all the commercial shipping you have coming through this industrial area, you can imagine what's in the water."

According to the officer, the water that Edge was tossed into was also once one of the most highly polluted in Connecticut.

"This area of Bridgeport was known at one time to have the highest level of [pollutants] in the state. It's not too clean," he added, "and certainly not for swimming."

After being rescued from the Long Island Sound, an irate Edge had a strong message for Cena:

"If Cena thinks ambushing me is going to make him Champion again, he is WRONG. Cena has no idea what I'm capable of, but he's about to find out."

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