Orton and Flair to battle on RAW

Before the confetti could even be swept off the floor in Boston, WWE.com learned that two of SummerSlam's keynote competitors will be in action in an intriguing Monday Night RAW match-up tonight. After failing to conquer Hulk Hogan -- who easily would have been the greatest legend on his list of legends killed -- Randy Orton will try to reinvigorate his old habits against Ric Flair, who left a punch bowl's worth of blood on the mat during his "I Quit" Match against Mick Foley at The Biggest Party of the Summer.

Orton enters the match on the heels of what could have been his biggest victory ever. After Hogan dictated the pace for much of the match, Orton began chopping away at the Hulkster's injured knee, baiting him into an RKO that looked like it would be the killer blow. However, Hogan managed to get a foot to the ropes, and the match continued. Feeding off the frenzied crowd, Hogan "Hulked up" and, well, it was a familiar story of red and yellow triumph after that.

Orton was noticeably shaken during his SummerSlam match, perhaps finally understanding that calling yourself a "Legend Killer" is not the best way to endear yourself to legends like Hogan and Orton's own father, who helped build the worldwide phenomenon that WWE has become. Unlikely, though, considering that Orton was allegedly heard last night saying that his loss against Hogan "was a fluke." He'll have a chance to prove it tonight when he faces the 16-time World Champion Flair, a first-class legend in his own right.

How will the "Nature Boy" fare against the much younger Orton? Flair is coming off of arguably the most physically intense match at SummerSlam, a blood-soaked battle between bitter enemies each trying to make the other say "I Quit." The "Nature Boy" was victorious, but his body took a serious beating, and his condition tonight could be questionable.

Can Orton capitalize on a banged-up Flair to return to his legend killing ways? The Legend Killer would like to hope that he has the advantage over his former Evolution teammate, but is it possible that his defeat at the hands of the biggest legend of them all finally reversed the trend? Flair showed extreme toughness in dire conditions last night, but how will his body react? Will he be at full strength, or will he simply be too worn out to compete with the 26-year-old Orton? It's Legend versus Legend Killer yet again tonight, live at 9/8 CT on USA.

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