Royally wrong: King Booker mocks Triple H with imposter

Royally wrong: King Booker mocks Triple H with imposter

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. -- King Booker wanted a royal coronation, and he got one. And the "gracious" king that he is, he even gave our fans Triple H.

Or so it appeared. King Booker called out his SummerSlam opponent, The King of Kings, Triple H. He ordered The Game to come to the ring and crown King Booker the one, true king of WWE. And the Carolina fans got The Game.

That is, if Triple H was left in a clothes dryer way too long during his absence.

Sporting a crown, animal skins, a fake nose and long blond wig, a very undersized imposter posing as the 10-time World Champion came out to The Game's theme music, and crowned the 2006 King of the Ring tournament winner.

The imposter then bowed at King Booker and Queen Sharmell's feet, to the delight of the royal couple. As the crowd booed the charade, King Booker promised that Triple H's return at the Biggest Party of the Summer would be a fruitful one for him and Sharmell.

"I, King Booker, the one true king, will make you bow down," Booker proclaimed to the imposter. Watch the video...

King Booker's attention then turned toward the announcers' desk, and Jerry "The King" Lawler's longtime broadcast colleague, Jim Ross. Lawler was conspicuous by his absence; he was home nursing the injuries he has received from King Booker after he refused to officially crown him king on Raw last week at New York City's Madison Square Garden. Booker demanded that Ross apologize for the negative remarks he made about the monarch after the beating. When Ross refused twice, Sharmell jumped on his back, forcing the commentator's head into Booker's ring.

The Oklahoman had fierce words for King Booker after the incident.

"It's Game on, my friend … Game on at SummerSlam for you," J.R. proclaimed. 

In other Raw action, Mr. McMahon announced that his illegitimate child was a male WWE Superstar. But we still did not know the identity of the Chairman's love child by night's end, though we may have seen a few hints. Read the full story …

Mr. McMahon hopes that his illegitimate son has the characteristics of certain Superstars, but WWE Champion John Cena is not one of them. He earned The Champ's wrath when he told Cena he may have slept with his mother. When Cena slapped Mr. McMahon to the mat, the Chairman responded by making him face the undefeated Snitsky in the night's main event.

The deranged giant promised the Chairman that he would make Cena feel true pain, but The Champ fought valiantly. As Cena looked to deliver the FU to Snitsky, Orton ran into the ring and RKO'd Cena.

Then, as Cena staggered to his feet, Orton blasted The Champ with yet another RKO. The Legend Killer picked up the WWE Championship, and glared down at his unconscious SummerSlam foe. Was this a sign of what awaits Cena at SummerSlam? Read the full story …

In a match to determine the Intercontinental Champion Umaga's opponent for SummerSlam, Carlito and Kennedy faced each other after the Green Bay gladiator interrupted "Carlito's Cabana," with the Samoan Bulldozer. After a superplex, both competitors' shoulders were on the mat when the referee made the three-count, forcing him to rule the match a draw.

Raw GM William Regal immediately made the Intercontinental Championship Match at SummerSlam a Triple Threat Match. Both Kennedy and Carlito argued in the ring after the announcement. Read more about the match...

The World Tag Team Champions Lance Cade & Trevor Murdoch were upset by high-flyers Paul London & Brian Kendrick in non-title action.

As the boys from Brooklyn, N.Y., Cryme Tyme, came down to ringside and tried to auction off Murdoch's trucker cap, the distraction caused enough confusion for the champions to allow Kendrick to snare Cade in a crucifix to earn the three-count.

Meanwhile, Murdoch needs a new cap. One lucky fan bought it for just $2.

Also, the current Women's Champion Candice Michelle teamed with Mickie James to defeat Melina & Beth Phoenix in tag team action. Coming off the announcement of a tri-branded Divas Battle Royal by Regal and a guaranteed title opportunity for the winner, Mickie threw Candice from the ring after the match. Then Melina attacked James and tossed her out to the ringside mat. Finally, Beth Phoenix threw Melina over the top rope to the floor, showing that there will be no friends, only foes, at SummerSlam.

Cody Rhodes continued his winning ways after he converted a Boston Crab attempt by Shelton Benjamin into a small package to gain a pinfall over the Self-Proclaimed World's Greatest Tag Team member. After the loss, Benjamin and his partner, Charlie Haas, attacked the young Superstar.

However, in a lighter moment on Raw, Maria finally went out on the date with Ron Simmons that she won on The Dating Game two weeks ago. But jealous boyfriend Santino Marella interfered and brought Jillian Hall to the local restaurant as his own date. For his efforts, the increasingly braggadocios Italian got food tossed on his lap. Watch the video...

Check out Triple H's new Grey Skulls t-shirt...

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