It's no replay. Orton's lightning strikes Cena twice.

It's no replay. Orton's lightning strikes Cena twice.

FAYETTEVILLE, N.C. -- Randy Orton watched the replay of his self-proclaimed "defining moment" on the TitanTron -- the devastating RKO to WWE Champion John Cena at Saturday Night's Main Event.

It was so meaningful to Orton, that he forced the Raw fans to watch his masterpiece over and over again from every available camera angle. He gloated as he watched The Champ's head smash into the steel chair. He beamed as he watched it over in slow-motion, savoring every frame as the chair mangled under Cena's weight. Orton went as far to say that the clip would be his Hall-of-Fame-worthy highlight.

Now, add two more clips to Orton's highlight reel.

As the WWE Champion had his attention on Snitsky in the non-title feature matchup on Raw, the Legend Killer rushed into the ring and took down The Champ with his RKO. Then, just like the replays that started the night, Orton made sure Cena saw double with yet another devastating RKO. (WATCH)

Three RKOs and Cena was out. As the dangerous third-generation Superstar stood over his victim, he picked up the WWE Championship and stared at the gold, entranced by the thoughts of what could be if he defeats the Chain Gain commander at SummerSlam.

Orton called it at the beginning of the night. Saturday night was a defining moment. But tonight, Raw might have been the turning point in the career of the Legend Killer. Focused on WWE Championship gold, Orton seems primed and ready to end John Cena's nearly year-long reign.

After suffering three RKOs in three days, will John Cena be healthy enough to compete at SummerSlam, much less face Orton's challenge? Or will the Legend Killer make SummerSlam look like a replay and become a world champion once again? We find out this Sunday at the Biggest Party of the Summer.

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