Advantage McMahons?

When Mr. McMahon spoke last night on RAW about his access to “unlimited resources,” it turns out he wasn’t just bragging about his trust fund and his stock options. An unexpected meeting with Armando Alejandro Estrada may have brought a new resource to the McMahons’ supply. While the Chairman and Shane McMahon deliberated in the locker room area, Estrada and approached them with a proposition. “I heard you were looking for some – como se dice? – resources. I’ve got just the resource you’re looking for,” he said. As the McMahons joined Estrada in shouting the name of the Samoan Bulldozer, the undefeated Umaga burst into the room, screaming and chanting wildly.

While we do not know for sure if the McMahons will accept Estrada’s offer, the very thought of Umaga joining the McMahons at ringside during their match against DX at SummerSlam should be a familiarly intimidating proposition for the team of Shawn Michaels and Triple H. Last night was the first time in three weeks that DX appeared in the ring together on RAW, having been successfully isolated and decimated by the scheming McMahons in the previous two editions of RAW. Two weeks ago, the Showstopper received some Sweet “Shane” Music through a steel chair. Last week, Triple H was victimized by his own signature maneuver, the Pedigree, at the hands of the Chairman of WWE. The common denominator in both instances: The McMahons isolated each member of DX, then called Umaga to their corner to do their dirty work before picking at what was left of the near-unconscious Superstars.

Since his arrival on RAW, Umaga has gone undefeated, thanks to a devastating display of power and athleticism that no RAW Superstar has been able to withstand. If the McMahons do take Estrada up on his offer, they would undoubtedly have an advantage heading into the match. DX has never backed down to the McMahons’ pressure, and last night they reminded Vince and Shane that they are not about to start.

“At SummerSlam, we are going to kick your ass,” said a confident Triple H. “Bring whoever you want…we don’t’ care. Someone from the street…we don’t’ care. The 82nd airborne…we don’t’ care. Satan himself…we will look the devil dead in his eye, spit in his face and tell him the exact same thing we’re about to tell you.” We don’t need to tell you the two words that followed. DX’s game plan is focused, come hell or Umaga.

SummerSlam is a mere five days away, but the complexion of one of the biggest matches of the evening is still hanging in the balance. Will the McMahons tip the scales in their favor by accepting the services of Umaga? Check back for updates here on, and of course, catch the Biggest Party of the Summer, SummerSlam, live on pay-per-view this Sunday, at 8:00 p.m. ET.


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