J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Hulk Hogan

For showing up on a bad wheel and having the desire to stand up for his family, this week's coveted RAW Superstar of the Week goes to WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan. More on the Hulkster's award winning Monday night and his chance for staying perfect at Summerslam after these random thoughts and personal opinions…

I can't speak for the King on this one, but , for one, am happy the Diva contest is over. It will be interesting to see if any of the young women who were eliminated still get an opportunity to make it to a RAW, SmackDown or ECW broadcast. I personally don't see anything wrong with that theory if the women fully understand how challenging a life it is to be on the road constantly. There is nothing I would like better than for the WWE to sign some lovely Divas who are as athletically gifted as they are beautiful. Traveling through a multitude of airports throughout the year is a pain in the backside. Trust me on that one. I was subjected to a full search of my bags including my brief case and a "pat down" search this past week, and then the security guy asked me for an autograph. Something about that scenario just doesn't jive. I guess he thought I was hiding hair gel on my person.

Edge is the hottest antagonist I have seen on RAW in a long time. The maniacal eyes of the WWE Champion tell a compelling story. It is a story that I am not sure will end at SummerSlam. Boston, I think, will be cheering John Cena, the local, homegrown star, (who can be sure these days) but I wonder if Cena's goal will be to win the WWE Championship OR to avenge his father's humiliation at the hands of Edge last Monday. I am not 100% sure that both goals can be accomplished at SummerSlam. We will find out Sunday. I have to believe this match will close the show, but I am RAW-biased. Duh.

Umaga was fed another helpless victim Monday night which should make the 350-pounder hunger for more bodily harm come Sunday. If the McMahons utilize Umaga as a "resource", the complexion of the McMahon vs. DX tag team match could drastically change. What other tricks are up the custom made sleeves of the wickedly wealthy?

Just as I was starting to get into the Ric Flair-Johnny Nitro match Monday night, Mick Foley had to run in and ruin it. Flair returned the favor Tuesday night on ECW on Sci Fi which saved Foley further embarrassment as Mick was about to dance his reputation to hell. Who do you think will say "I Quit" Sunday night? That's something that old school guys like Flair and Foley will want to avoid at all costs. I predict the costs will be high come SummerSlam. It was aptly pointed out by a fan on the ‘net that in the heat of battle Monday night I said the famous Gordon Solie phrase "Two words, five Letters…I Quit" except I did say 6 letters. My bad. It is live TV. It won't be the last time I screw up in "combat" unless I become a Sanka junkie which isn't going to happen. That would be like me allowing my wife to decorate our Oklahoma home in burnt orange.

Am I the only fan that Miz annoys or is it just me? This doesn't make Miz the anti-Christ because I'm probably not "hip enough" to relate to him. This is simply an observation from an "old schooler".

Has anyone seen Cade and Murdoch lately? Seriously, I like the upside of this team once they decide who in the hell they are. 

It will be good to see Jeff Hardy return to RAW Monday night in Bridgeport. Jeff has unlimited potential. But he is one unique, albeit talented, dude.

I exchanged emails with "The Great One" recently. That's The Rock in case you didn't know. He is healing well from his torn Achilles and is really excited about his upcoming movie "The Gridiron Gang". I miss seeing TGO on RAW but am really proud of the movie career the third generation superstar has carved for himself. Will the Rock ever be back on RAW? I subscribe to the notion of never say never when it comes to the sports-entertainment biz.

Stone Cold is also back in the USA after spending most of four months down under doing a movie for WWE Films. I am anxious to talk to Steve about his experiences in Australia but from what he has told me, he is really pleased with the way the production went. I am hoping to convince "The Texas Rattlesnake" to spend a few days in Norman and attend an Oklahoma football game with yours truly this fall. We also just might have a cold beer and some "Q".

If you get the chance to check out www.jrsbarbq.com; I would certainly appreciate it. We're "this close" to being 100% open and should have all the sauces and merchandise ready within a week or so. Plus I will be writing a blog a few times a week and answering your questions as well.

Hulk Hogan doesn't need to wrestle for the money he earns. Hulk has done REALLY well financially over the years. That's not a revelation. Hogan wrestles because he loves being Hulk Hogan and getting the "rush" only performing live in front of WWE fans can provide. I admire that. However, this Sunday at SummerSlam, an event at which Hogan has never lost, Hulk will be hard pressed to be victorious on one artificial knee and the other with a torn ligament, especially against a competitor as hungry for glory and prominence as Randy Orton. If Hulk wins, I won't be surprised, but if Hogan loses this Sunday I won't be shocked either. Point being if Randy Orton ever hopes to add Hulk Hogan to the list of legends Orton has defeated, Orton best get it done this Sunday night. Hogan's will to win may be stronger Sunday than it was at last year's SummerSlam against HBK because of the personal issue involving Hogan's family Orton has manufactured.

I hope you enjoy the "Biggest Party of the Summer" this Sunday night from Boston, or as the late, great Gorilla Monsoon used to say, "Bean Town". You can bet that one will be used at least once at Summerslam. Take care.



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