Gold-plated and R-Rated

On Monday night, Edge and Lita became WWE's premiere power couple as Lita defeated Mickie James to become a three-time Women's Champion. The first one-on-one encounter between these two would end Mickie's four-month run as champion, and commence a new Rated R championship reign.

Just hours after invading John Cena's home in West Newbury, Mass., Lita came to RAW to face Mickie with the Women's Championship at stake. Both Divas were highly aggressive, going back and forth with move after move for several fierce minutes. Mickie gained the advantage and went for her implant DDT until WWE Champion Edge sprung himself to the ring apron. With the referee distracted by the Rated R Superstar, Lita was able to reverse Mickie's move, retrieve the Women's Championship belt and clobber Mickie in the head for the pin.

Seemingly on top of the world, Edge and Lita celebrated what would soon become a bittersweet evening when John Cena came back to RAW for retribution. Though Cena would tarnish what Edge and Lita hoped would be a perfect night, they are simultaneous World Champions.  Heading into the "biggest party of the summer," The Rated R couple bears WWE's most coveted championship gold.

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