DX back in full force

After weeks of failed attempts to get the upper hand over D-Generation X, the McMahons finally found their winning combination. In the past, they have tried such unsuccessful ruses as cages and nets. Even extra help from the Spirit Squad wasn't able to put a stop to the crafty duo. But recently Mr. McMahon and his son Shane discovered that a divide and conquer attack was the answer to their problems, and for the last two weeks they have feasted on the sweet taste of victory over the two halves of DX. However, WWE.com has learned that Triple H and Shawn Michaels will be returning to RAW in full force Monday night and will once again be a united front.

With just six days before their tag team match at SummerSlam, anything could happen when these four are in the same building on Monday. Not used to being on the receiving end of such trickery, DX is sure to have something planned to thwart the efforts of the Chairman and his son. Are the McMahons going to jack things up again?

Last week, the McMahons knocked HBK out of the DX equation when they provoked the Showstopper to attack Shane. Mr. McMahon had police waiting and had told them that Michaels was looking for a fight. When HBK struck, the police jumped in and Michaels accidentally hit one of the officers. Despite apologizing for the accident, Michaels had to spend the night in jail, leaving Triple H to face Umaga (and the McMahons) by himself. Even though the King of Kings almost gave the Samoan Bulldozer his first loss, interference from the McMahons allowed Umaga to hit Triple H with the devastating Samoan Spike. The Chairman added insult to injury by nailing The Game with his own signature maneuver - The Pedigree.

At the July 31 edition of RAW, it was Triple H who was taken away by police after finding illegal Cuban Cigars in his bag. Even though he claimed the stogies weren't his and he didn't smoke, he had to go to the police station for questioning. Coincidentally, Mr. McMahon and Shane were seen with Cuban cigars just before and after the incident.

With no one there to watch his back, HBK had to face Umaga, along wih the McMahons and Armando Alejandro Estrada alone. Even though Michaels put up a good fight, the numbers were against him and he suffered a bad beating including Sweet "Shane" Music through a steel chair. Similarly, HBK was left battered and bruised the week prior when he had to single-handedly face Jonathan Coachman, the Spirit Squad and Umaga. Triple H was absent because he had flown to Connecticut after hearing that Stephanie McMahon was having her baby - no doubt to let the Chairman know he is never safe from DX.

Of course, these latest victories for the McMahons can't really compare to what DX has pulled for the last several months. Highlights have included faking Stephanie's labor, sending Mr. McMahon a rooster "because they heard he loves cocks," spray painting DX on Coachman's rear, dumping gallons of green paint on the Spirit Squad, sending the Squad a mini moon-a-gram to "suck it," and dumping an insane amount of porta potty waste on the Squad, the Chairman and Shane.

With the McMahons picking up steam and DX getting wise to their plan, it will be interesting to see what happens Monday when all four in the building before they meet at SummerSlam. Catch all the action on Monday Night RAW (9/8 CT; USA Network).

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