Bracing for a SummerSlam

Bracing for a SummerSlam

RICHMOND, Va. - Though SummerSlam is less than a week away, Raw was the site of big changes on Monday, with the contents of Kane's mysterious burlap sack finally revealed, and the World Tag Team Titles changing hands for the second week in a row.

Simply vindicated

The week before saw the team of Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase lose their World Tag Team Championship to the unlikely duo of John Cena & Batista, scheduled to be opponents at the Biggest Blockbuster of the Summer. On Monday night, the young Superstars exercised their rematch clause. Taking advantage of the friction between the SummerSlam opponents, the priceless pair managed to regain their titles. The loss served to further exacerbate the tensions between Cena & The Animal, as the night's show came to an end with the two brawling with one another. (WATCH)

Mysterio solved?

In another one of his "Adamle Originals," Raw General Manager Mike Adamle set a SummerSlam match, but decided to have it take place on Raw that very night. Adamle pitted two of Raw's biggest stars against each other: Kane and Chris Jericho. During the match, the Raw GM and his security began making moves for the mysterious burlap sack that the Big Red Monster has carried to the ring with him lately. In spite of Kane's protests, Adamle had promised that the bag's contents would be revealed to the WWE Universe that very night. While the Big Red Monster was distracted by trying to protect his bag, Chris Jericho hit his opponent with the Codebreaker and pinned Kane. (WATCH)

After the match, Adamle approached Kane, telling him that he knew the bag contained the Big Red Monster's old mask. Kane admitted that there was indeed a mask in the bag, and that the person it belonged to had been scarred and severely damaged, but when he opened the sack, it wasn't Kane's mask, but that of Rey Mysterio. (WATCH)

Cheap shot

Though he'll challenge World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk for his title this Sunday at SummerSlam, on Raw, JBL challenged the champion to a contest the self-proclaimed "wrestling-god" knew the Straightedge Superstar couldn't win. When Punk entered the ring, JBL revealed what the contest was: a drinking competition. For Punk to win, he would need to drink a shot of alcohol, which runs counter to his ideals and principles. Stating that he makes his own rules, the Straightedge Champion took the shot and threw it in the face of the self-made millionaire before beating his SummerSlam opponent to the ground.

Fight like a girl

Another SummerSlam match will see Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix compete against Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston & Women's Champion Mickie James in a Winner Takes All Match, where the winning team will take both the Intercontinental and Women's titles. On Raw, Santino escorted his ladyfriend to the ring where The Glamazon made quick work of Kelly Kelly. Following the match, as the Braggadocios Italian Superstar urged Phoenix to do more damage to her beaten opponent, the couple was interrupted by Kingston and James, who ran down and chased them from the ring.

Stating that he needed to practice wrestling against women, Santino challenged Mickie to a match, which the Women's Champion quickly accepted. However, being in her hometown wasn't enough motivation as Mickie was overpowered and defeated by the Italian with a little outside help from The Glamazon. (WATCH)

Culture clash

Cryme Tyme also competed on Monday night against the returning team of Scotsmen, The Highlanders. Though Robbie & Rory were eager to prove themselves after their short hiatus, they were no match for the teamwork of Shad & JTG, who picked up the win.

A Noble loss

Another recently-returned Superstar, William Regal, competed against Jamie Noble. The week before, Noble had attacked Regal for interrupting Layla's dance performance, and he hoped to continue to prove himself to the dancing Diva by defeating the British brawler on Raw. Unfortunately for Noble, that didn't pan out, as Regal battered the smaller Superstar and won the match.

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