No respect

On last week's RAW, Randy Orton attacked Jerry "The King" Lawler at the announce table, provoking Lawler to challenge the Legend Killer to a match. This Monday night on RAW, Orton will try to take down Lawler in The King's hometown, Memphis, Tenn. But this isn't the first time The Legend Killer has attacked The King. 

"Me and Lawler, we have a little bit of history. I did a deal a couple years back where I hit him with my signature maneuver, the RKO. He's actually one of the legends, on my long list of legends, that I've knocked off the block, so to speak," Orton tells

Lawler says Orton needs to learn about a little thing called respect. "I used to be a big Randy Orton fan. I mean, even though one other time we were in Memphis, he snuck up behind me, RKO'd me … but you know, I overlooked that. I put that in the past, I let bygones be bygones, and I watched this kid, I thought, mature, but apparently he has regressed," Lawler tells

Lawler isn't the only legend Orton has a problem with. Last week on RAW, Orton's parody, Orton Knows Best, mocked WWE legend and WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan, his family and his reality TV show. Orton even kissed a fake Brooke Hogan, and the Hulkster is very protective of his beautiful teenage daughter. A ticked-off Hogan was scheduled to be on RAW, but will be unable to appear on RAW due to a knee injury, and his status for SummerSlam is uncertain.

While it's unknown whether or not Hogan can compete at SummerSlam, Orton is focused on The King.

"I think it would be hard to match the amount of disrespect that I've given to Hogan with any other individual in this company or in this business … that I've been disrespectful to, but if anyone's going to get disrespect from me, it's Lawler," Orton says. "I will be disrespectful, in the ring, fully dressed to go. I will beat his ass in his hometown."

Will Orton successfully live up to his name of "The Legend Killer" in his match with The King? Find out on RAW, Monday at 9/8 CT on USA.

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