The Game-breaker

Umaga has been on a tear since entering WWE. His undefeated streak has passed the test of a number of high-profile Superstars including John Cena and Ric Flair. Recently, Shawn Michaels has felt the brunt of the Samoan Bulldozer’s attacks. For two weeks, Michaels has been on the receiving end of devastating beatings from the claws of the beastly Umaga. On RAW, he’ll try to prove that he’s capable of beating The Game.

Last week on RAW, the McMahons took advantage of Triple H’s brush with the law to ensure – and help – Umaga beat HBK in the ring. The Chairman and his son Shane then continued the assault after the match ended. Earlier in the night, Triple H had contraband planted in his gym bag. Authorities were notified and he was forced to leave the arena for questioning. While no charges were filed on the 10-time Champion, no suspects have been named. The incident, however, has left The Game with no choice but to bring backup with him to the ring on Monday when he steps into the ring with Umaga.

“If the McMahons want to come down, the more the merrier, because I will do whatever it takes to win,” said Triple H. “I think everybody’s seen that. If I gotta bring a little friend out from under the ring or from wherever I need to, I’m all for it.”

The Game has seen the destruction Umaga caused to his DX partner, and understands that with Umaga, he’s not dealing with a run of the mill Superstar.

“He seems to be some kind of savage; he’s uncontrollable,” he said. “But I will handle him just like I’ve handled everybody else in WWE: I’m gonna walk to the ring, I’m gonna kick his ass, and then we’re gonna celebrate DX style.”

Triple H is poised for a battle this Monday night on RAW, but judging by the aggression he’s shown, so is Umaga. Is the Samoan Bulldozer as invincible as he seems? Will the 350-pounder punish Triple H like he did Shawn Michaels? Find out on RAW, Monday at 9/8 CT on the USA Network.

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