Raw now Regal's new British empire

Raw now Regal's new British empire

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- The stars in the Buffalo sky were aligned for William Regal.

After faking a foot injury, Regal sat most of Mr. McMahon's ordered Battle Royal out on the arena floor, grasping at his ankle and taking his boot off. He wisely watched and waited as titans such as King Booker, Umaga and Mr. Kennedy were thrown over the top rope.

Then, like a coiled snake, Regal struck. As Sandman clotheslined Carlito and Shelton Benjamin to the floor, the Blackpool, England-born brawler gave Sandman the boot from the match, hitting him with … well, his boot, to become Monday Night Raw's new General Manager. The "Power of the Punch" possessor celebrated like England had just won the World Cup. (WATCH

Regal, himself a former WWE Commissioner, instantly worked to make his mark on his new empire. Trying to make Raw more fun and to live out a childhood dream of hosting a game show, he ordered his new Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman to round up contestants for an impromptu rendition of the classic game show, The Dating Game. 

Displaying cool British wit, Regal kept the HSBC Arena crowd entertained with humorous quips about his three contestants -- "Hacksaw" Jim Duggan, Ron Simmons and Santino Marella.

Regal also made his mark on the night's main event, letting WWE Champion John Cena's chief rivals Randy Orton and Carlito choose The Champ's opponent. But the two turned the tables on the new GM, and picked Intercontinental Champion Umaga instead of themselves.

Regal applauded the decision. But when the pair interfered in the main event and attacked Cena, Regal was quick to play matchmaker and set up a titanic main event for next Monday's Raw in Madison Square Garden.

He announced that Orton and Carlito would team up to face Cena and Umaga in the World's Most Famous Arena. The decision puts the WWE Champion in the ring with three of his most-formidable opponents and in considerable jeopardy -- not just from his opponents, but from his teammate as well.

If Regal wanted to make an impact in his first two hours as General Manager, he did just that. With a week until Raw arrives at the mecca of sports-entertainment, Madison Square Garden, and just three weeks until The Biggest Party of the Summer, SummerSlam, who knows what plans Regal will devise to entertain our fans and prove Raw is the best brand in WWE?

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