Carlito and Orton bring together hesitant odd couple

Carlito and Orton bring together hesitant odd couple

BUFFALO, N.Y. --  As Umaga snarled in the ring and WWE Champion John Cena slumped in the corner, the widened eyes and stunned expressions on Carlito and Randy Orton's faces told the story.

Things did not go as planned for the pair of multi-generational stars. They had expected Umaga, the feared Samoan Bulldozer, to weaken Cena. Instead, they found themselves on the opposite ends of the out-of-control Samoan's fists and running for their lives. Then their jaws dropped along with the rest of our fans at the HSBC Arena: new Raw GM William Regal announced that Orton and Carlito would face Cena and Umaga at the historic Madison Square Garden in New York City next week on Raw. (WATCH)

The night started somewhat more successfully for Carlito and Orton. After the two had unsuccessfully tried to ambush Cena when he was a guest on Carlito's Cabana, new Raw GM William Regal relished at the opportunity to back The Champ in a corner. He let the WWE Champion's two nemeses pick his opponent for Monday's main event at Raw, and Carlito and Orton chose Intercontinental Champion Umaga -- one of Cena's toughest opponents.

Before the match, Carlito and Orton repeatedly urged Umaga to take it to Cena and break him. Orton, the No. 1 contender to the WWE Championship and Cena's opponent at SummerSlam, would have loved it if the Samoan Bulldozer could have left The Champ battered and bruised before their showdown on Aug. 26 at the Continental Airlines Arena in New Jersey. And Carlito has never had any love for Cena, and takes any opportunity to spit in the face of his longtime rival.

In a non-title match on Raw, Umaga pushed Cena to the limit, as he always does. Cena and the Samoan Bulldozer waged some of the most brutal and bloody battles in WWE history earlier this year, as the WWE Champion ended Umaga's undefeated streak at New Year's Revolution and was able to keep him down in a Last Man Standing Match at Royal Rumble. Their war on Monday night was no different. Our fans in Buffalo, N.Y., gasped when Umaga rattled Cena's ribs with a thunderous winding slam in the ring.

But when The Champ trapped Umaga in his patented STFU, Orton and Carlito struck, causing the contest to end without a decisive winner. They urged the Intercontinental Champion to flatten Cena and repeatedly pounded his chest. Who knows why Umaga lashed out at Carlito and Orton; maybe he didn't like being told what to do. Maybe the slaps to his chest by Orton set off some primordial rage. But when he snarled and snorted and started attacking Orton and Carlito, the two knew that they had to get out of his way.

Cena and Umaga may be the most unlikely and surprising pair since Felix and Oscar. But make no mistake -- these two do not like each other. Upon hearing Regal's announcement, a smile did not grace the WWE Champion's battered face. With a glazed look over his eyes, he could only stumble after Orton and Carlito.

Though Umaga is technically his tag team partner next week, Cena does not believe he can trust him. He may already accept the possibility that he'll be fighting in a virtual 3-on-1 handicap match.

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