Planning Somoa hurt?

One week after being destroyed by Umaga on RAW, Shawn Michaels will step into the ring with monster from Samoa in a singles match. Umaga's manager, Armando Alejandro Estrada, gives Michaels respect regarding his illustrious career and WWE accomplishments, but warns him that he's never faced anyone as dangerous as the Samoan Bulldozer.

"The Heartbreak Kid, a Legend, one of the all-time greats…multi-time WWE Champion, pero [but] he's never faced a man, a savage, a beast, a killer like the man from the Isle of Samoa. Come Monday night, HBK is going to find out what it feels like to take the wrecking ball," said Estrada.

With Triple H away from the arena last week on RAW, Shawn Michaels was left to fend for himself. After Mr. McMahon called in from his daughter's bedside -- she was in labor in Connecticut -- he informed his Executive Assistant Jonathan Coachman via cell phone that Coachman would be taking on HBK in singles competition. Michaels erupted in laughter at the announcement…but he wouldn't be laughing for much longer.

He had no trouble handling Coachman in the match and even stood tall when all five members of the Spirit Squad tried to rush the ring and take him out. What HBK wasn't expecting — and what left his health in doubt — was an attack by Umaga.

The question has been raised before, but after last week's display of brutality, it needs to be asked again—can anyone in WWE stop Umaga?

"Amigo, has anyone stopped Umaga yet? No." said Estrada. "Is anyone going to stop Umaga? No. You see it week after week; nobody has been able to stop the Samoan Bulldozer, Uuuuuuuuumaga, Ha Ha!"

Estrada isn't embellishing on his client's behalf, either. Umaga has been undefeated since debuting on RAW in April. He's destroyed high profile Superstars like Ric Flair and John Cena (Cena was pinned after a distraction from WWE Champion Edge). His latest assault on HBK was perhaps his most vicious to date; blindsiding Michaels and driving him into the mat with an evolved version of a Samoan Drop and then delivered a deadly Samoan Spike. (Watch the video)

Triple H will be at RAW this week, and rest assured, he'll be keeping a watchful eye on the match. That, says Estrada, doesn't faze him—or Umaga.

"Amigo, hey, if Triple H wants to stick his big nose in our business—DX, we're not afraid of you amigos. We're not afraid of you," boasted Estrada. 

Umaga broke into the top 10 of the Power 25 last week, and with a win against someone as established as Shawn Michaels, Umaga has a chance to move further up the list. 

"Amigo, by far it would be the biggest feather in my, Ha! Ha!, straw hat," said Estrada. "Pretty soon [he'll] be on his way to No. 1. Does that surprise you, amigo? Huh?"

The timing of Umaga's attack on Michaels has raised some eyebrows. For weeks, Triple H and Shawn Michaels have embarrassed Mr. McMahon by making him the butt of their pranks. The Chairman has vowed revenge against his two rivals. Was Umaga approached by Mr. McMahon to help the Chairman destroy D-Generation X? Or, did the Samoan Bulldozer send a message on his own to the Superstars of RAW?

What about HBK? How healthy will he be on Monday after the beating he sustained? Can he recover in time to defeat Umaga?

To get the answers to the mystery surrounding this situation, watch RAW at 9/8 CT on the USA network.

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