Lashley to undergo surgery Tuesday

Lashley to undergo surgery Tuesday

Former ECW Champion Bobby Lashley will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his damaged left shoulder Tuesday in Birmingham, Ala., has learned.

WWE physician Dr. Ferdinand Rios told that the Dominator was evaluated by Dr. Jeffery Dugas, an associate of noted orthopaedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews', today at the Alabama Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Center in Birmingham.

It was determined that the extensive damage suffered in Lashley's match with Mr. Kennedy on Raw was severe enough to warrant the procedure.

"They are going to do an arthroscopic evaluation of the left shoulder, that requires a small incision for the insertion of the scope," Rios explained. "If it's just cartilage or something that can be repaired easily, they will do so. If it is a complete rotator cuff [tear], then they'll probably have to open [Lashley's] shoulder up and repair it.

The rehab time for arthroscopic surgery is usually 6 to 8 weeks, according to Rios. But the former Army sergeant could be out of action for six months if there's more severe damage, requiring extensive reconstruction of the shoulder.

"We won't know until [the procedure] happens," Rios said.

Lashley injured the shoulder in his match with Mr. Kennedy on Monday Night Raw, when Kennedy kicked it while up against the ring steps. Once Kennedy realized his opponent was injured, Kennedy viciously targeted the shoulder with repeated attacks and holds. Read more on this story...

The shoulder suffered further damage as Lashley attempted to spear Kennedy, and Kennedy countered the charging Lashley by kneeing him in the injured joint.

Check back with for more updates on Lashley's condition as they are made available.

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