Lashley to meet with Dr. James Andrews Wednesday

Lashley to meet with Dr. James Andrews Wednesday

Former ECW Champion Bobby Lashley will meet with noted orthopedic surgeon Dr. James Andrews in Birmingham, Ala., Wednesday for further diagnosis on his injured left shoulder, has learned.
Lashley injured the shoulder in his match with Mr. Kennedy on Monday Night Raw, when Kennedy kicked it while up against the ring steps. Once Kennedy realized his opponent was injured, Kennedy viciously targeted the shoulder with repeated attacks and holds. Read more on this story...

The shoulder suffered further damage as Lashley attempted to spear Kennedy, and Kennedy countered the charging Lashley by kneeing him in the injured joint.
Preliminary observations from WWE physician Dr. Ferdinand Rios suggest Lashley suffered a possible rotator cuff tear in the left shoulder.
More details on the injury will be made available on as soon as they are known.

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