Nothing to cheer about

Since debuting on RAW in early July, the Highlanders' unorthodox in-ring style has proven to be a successful formula in WWE. After making the long trek from Scotland, the two cousins have remained undefeated in the tag team division, and tonight on RAW, the two Scots will have their first opportunity to claim the World Tag Team Championship.

Last week, after tearing through two more opponents, Robbie and Rory challenged the World Tag Team Champions, the Spirit Squad. But the Squad was busy helping Mr. McMahon carry out his plan to ambush D-Generation X, and they never responded.

After being dismantled with a sledgehammer and a steel chair last week at the hands of DX, the Spirit Squad has accepted the challenge. But what condition will the Spirit Squad be in for their Championship defense? Also, which two members of the Squad's five man team will step into the ring?

The Highlanders are hungry for WWE gold; can they capture it tonight on RAW? Will the Spirit Squad be healthy enough to outlast Robbie and Rory? Watch RAW at 9/8 CT on the USA Network to find out.

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