King me!: Booker and Lawler will battle in ring

King me!: Booker and Lawler will battle in ring

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- At first, the Arco Arena crowd thought this royal dispute between King Booker and Jerry "The King" Lawler would be settled in a civilized manner. With a kingly feast served in the ring, King Booker again asked the WWE Hall of Fame's king of sports-entertainment to relinquish his title.

"We're both civilized, and there's no reason we can't settle this issue like gentlemen," Booker told Lawler as part of his suggested "kingly compromise."

Booker decried pretenders to his throne. He bashed the local NBA team, the Sacramento Kings, who despite their name had not won an NBA title in more than 50 years.

"I should be king because I earned it," the WWE monarch insisted. "You can't just go around calling yourself the king … The one true king is I, King Booker!"

Lawler would have none of it. "A king is only as good as his kingdom," Lawler retorted as the crowd booed Booker and Queen Sharmell. "If your people don't think of you as a king, then you're not a king. And from what these people say, they don't think you're much of a king."

Lawler continued to lambaste Booker, calling him a "pompous, egomaniacal, royal pain in the arse." As Booker went face-to-face with Lawler, he dared the Raw commentator to make those remarks to his face.

Lawler could take no more, and crowned the arrogant royal with haymakers, sending Booker scrambling for the arena floor. Lawler then coronated the arrogant royal with his own fruit feast.

Later, King Booker and Queen Sharmell returned to challenge Lawler to a match next week on Raw.

"Jerry, next week on Monday Night Raw, I will face you in my ring," Booker decreed. "And I will beat you like the dog you are. Your reign of blasphemy is over. Over!"

Lawler, despite the fact that he spends most of his time behind Raw's announce table rather than in its ring, was more than happy to accept.

"Next week, I'll show him why people have called me for the past 30 years, ‘The King.'" Lawler proclaimed.

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