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WWE Mobile on AT&T: Vanquishing the Monster

WWE Mobile on AT&T: Vanquishing the Monster

The Big Red Monster has never been easily deterred. Monday Night was no different as Kane, once again, interfered in a title rematch between World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk and Batista. 

The night before, Kane injected himself into The Great American Bash title match, causing a double disqualification and possibly costing Batista an opportunity at the championship.

Monday night, before the Punk-Batista rematch, Kane again infected the proceedings, wailing on Batista before the bell. Referees pulled off the Big Red Monster and led him away. True to form, however, he would not go quietly.

During a commercial break, Kane charged the ring again. This time, though, Batista was joined by an impatient Punk, who helped his opponent push back the Big Red Monster so that the two men could finally get on with their match.

Footage of World Heavyweight Champion and Batista joining forces to battle back Kane is available exclusively through WWE Mobile on AT&T. Don't have WWE ringside yet? Subscribe or switch today.

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