Center of the Universe

Center of the Universe

Prepare to roll out the red carpet, WWE Universe, for Raw's latest celebrity guest host and his size 23 shoes. That's right, NBA great and WWE fan Shaquille O'Neal will take the ball and run with it when Monday Night Raw heads to Washington, D.C.

A longtime WWE enthusiast, Shaq has attended scores of events over the years, but next week marks the first time the Cleveland Cavaliers' center will be able to arrange matches to his liking.

O'Neal, who stars in the upcoming self-titled ABC reality show, Shaq Vs., is also the beef behind multi-level marketing company, enlyten. In between fueling the desires of independent business owners, the 15-time NBA All-Star will bring all seven feet of his towering charm to USA Network.

Armed with a well-known sense of humor, the playful giant will doubtlessly have his share of antics for the Raw roster, and who knows, maybe he'll even try his skills in the ring.

Whatever it is the four-time NBA champion, U.S. Olympian and massive baller has in store for Monday Night Raw, one thing is certain: It's sure to be a slam dunk. Follow Shaq's journey to Raw on Twitter...

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