J.R.'s Superstar of the Week - Umaga

Even with an unpopular assist from the bug-eyed, seemingly unstable WWE Champion Edge, this week’s RAW Superstar of the Week is the still undefeated Umaga after the Samoan Bulldozer’s controversial victory over John Cena Monday Night on RAW from San Antonio. More on that after you read this…..

Random thoughts representing one man’s opinion:

Firstly, what a great, lively and loud crowd in San Antonio Monday night. I wish our fans in Dallas had the same level of intensity Saturday even though there were more folks in big D than there were in the Alamo city. There is no way to force an audience to be loud and uninhibited in my opinion, but when they are, it certainly adds to the presentation of the show and raises everyone’s game a notch or two.

I thought the No. 1 Contender’s Match for the Intercontinental Championship on RAW between Carlito and Shelton Benjamin would have been more hotly contested.

I like the “upside” of both these young guys, but I did not feel the sense of urgency from either Monday night considering what was at stake. Perhaps the length of the match adversely affected my viewing pleasure as Carlito hit the back cracker just as I was starting to get emotionally vested in this contest featuring two of RAW’s potentially best young stars.

I am still P.O.’ed that RAW fan and our friend, Cleveland Indians’ Travis Hafner, did not make the MLB All Star team. Hell, I’m still P.O.’ed at Bruce Dern for killing John Wayne in the movie The Cowboys too, so consider the source.

Candice Michelle was the most beautiful and sexy, unqualified referee I have ever laid eyes on Monday night when she officiated the Divas’ tag bout.

Why isn’t Mick Foley coming to RAW in the flesh, so to speak? What do you think the over/under is for a second Flair/Foley match? I hope we see it at SummerSlam in Boston. By the way, tickets for SummerSlam went on sale last Saturday in good old “Bean Town” and, as I write this, there aren’t many left.

Poor Todd Grisham, who is a bright young broadcaster, experienced what many broadcasters all have on more than one occasion, especially yours truly, when he announced that the Shelton-Carlito match was for the No. 1 contender for the Cruiserweight Championship instead of the Intercontinental Championship.

Todd’s “Sign of the Night” and “Trivia” segments on WWE.com Unlimited are often times very funny. The King and I do miss Lilian for all the obvious reasons, and hopefully the single southern bell from South Carolina will be back with us this Monday in Cleveland.

I am not sure if the Highlanders more closely resemble the lovable Bushwhackers or the blood-thirsty Sheepherders of yesteryear, but the cousins from Scotland have thrown their hats (do Scots wear hats?) into the World Tag Team Championship ring. When is the last time we saw the Championship defended on RAW?

Matt Striker once again proved that he can be as pleasant as a root canal prior to exiting the wrath of Cena Monday night. Striker is the World’s Greatest Expert who considers getting fired as a NYC school teacher an accomplishment.

Will Eugene ever win more than he loses? It seems like the lovable nephew of Eric Bischoff has hit a run of bad luck after “upsetting” Mr. McMahon, thanks to DX’s help, a couple of weeks ago. This takes into account the RAW branded matches at the local events, too. Eugene can wrestle when he forces himself to stay focused.

Randy Orton has a unique fan base. Most of the men hate him, while the ladies swoon over the single Superstar from St. Louis. Orton’s actions on NBC Saturday night were dubious to say the least, and while Orton meets Hulk Hogan at Summerslam, I don’t think we have seen the last of these two on RAW between now and the summer classic.

I would like to extend my personal condolences to the Orton family regarding the death of the patriarch of the family, Bob Orton, Sr., who passed away Sunday in Las Vegas.

For the record, ECW has had two super main events on Sci Fi over the past couple of weeks featuring Ric Flair and Undertaker both challenging the 507-pound Big Show for the ECW Heavyweight Championship. The extraordinarily large champion seems to be more special on ECW which has, in my opinion, lighted the proverbial fire underneath the 7-footer. ECW will never be what it was in the 90’s, but that doesn’t mean it cannot be a great brand and their one hour show is one I don’t miss even if I don’t understand why Kelly Kelly is continuously trying to disrobe…..not that there is anything wrong with that. But we all know it ain’t happening on basic cable, will it?? I would surmise Kelly Kelly has quite the lump…on her head…today as a result of the Singapore Cane swung by the Sandman Tuesday night. However, this word of warning for ECW grapplers, when around your Kool- Aid manufacturing “Evil Genius” Happy Heyman: be sure and watch your wallet. Heyman kissing Dreamer Tuesday night made me ill, and I pray to the Good Lord above no tongue was involved. I did not know if I was watching an old episode of Oz or a Sopranos outtake where portly Vito was getting frisky with an object of his affection.

Hey, everyone, let’s hear it for Miz! No “Red Cards” this week.

Say what you want, but Shane McMahon is one of the most underrated competitors on RAW. For someone who spends more time in a corporate board room than a wrestling ring, and to be able to hang with HBK as the heir apparent did Monday night, is impressive. I am not saying Mr. McMahon’s son Shane is the second coming of Jack Brisco or Ricky Steamboat, but he damn sure isn’t bad considering he is a “part-timer” in the ring. Never take the McMahon men folk lightly as I am sure DX will soon discover.

Umaga is a bad ass. He is an NFL-sized nose tackle who can move and has freakish strength. Plus, no one has pinned or made Umaga submit. No one. That includes such notables as Ric Flair and John Cena among others. Without a doubt, Umaga’s match against Cena may have had a different outcome Monday night without Edge’s interference, but it didn’t. Look it up…Umaga is still the winner. I would like to see a rematch somewhere down the road, but for now, Cena is waiting for an opportunity to get his hands on Edge. What if this whole thing blows up in Edge’s face and Estrada says that Umaga wants a championship opportunity after defeating the No. 1 contender? Stranger things have happened.

We will see you in Cleveland Monday night for RAW. I have become a Cleveland fan. I treasure my autographed LeBron James basketball, and one has to be an Indians’ fan to co-exist with The King. Plus, Travis Hafner is one of us - a WWE fan.

I have been exchanging emails with Stone Cold and will update you on him next time. He’s in Australia doing a WWE Film and doing great.

Our new website is just about www.jrsbarbq.com. Keep it in mind, and we will hopefully have more news for you on this project next week.

Take care and be well. Don’t forget to count your blessings.



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