A tearful end for Amy

Go to Diva Search to see Amy get eliminated.  

The fans have spoken, and tonight on RAW, it was announced that the first finalist eliminated from the 2006 $250,000 Diva Search was Amy. WWE.com caught up with the emotional finalist just seconds after she left the RAW stage.

“I didn’t want to be the first to go. I wanted this really bad. To say the least, I’m not happy,” said Amy while fighting off a barrage of tears.

Even though her dream of winning the Diva Search contest has come to a screeching halt, Amy isn’t about to give up her dreams of becoming a WWE Diva.

“I wanted this so bad, but now I’m going to try and go to school for this and get some training and hopefully come back again,” she said.

As soon as she was announced as being eliminated, the remaining seven contestants tried to console her with a hug. Even though she was in tears, Amy still had some advice for the remaining contestants.

“Just kick some ass,” she said.

The seven remaining contestants also learned that they will be competing in a Diva Dance-Off on Friday Night SmackDown. Voting has already begun for this round, and you can vote for your favorite finalist by texting her first name to 86946.

Visit Diva Search to meet the finalists.

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