Orton's audacity further fuels Rhodes' anger

Orton's audacity further fuels Rhodes' anger

CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas -- Randy Orton had Cody Rhodes in his sights. It was all going according to plan. 

Orton had beaten Cody Rhodes with his patented RKO. As Cody's dad, "The American Dream" Dusty Rhodes, entered the ring to help his prone son, Orton's stare turned cold. He focused on the head of the Legend's youngest child, and thought of the careers he's put on the shelf -- Shawn Michaels and Rob Van Dam most recently.

Like a bull with razor-sharp horns, Orton charged at Cody, looking to kick the young prodigy's head clean off his shoulders.

But at the last second, he was intercepted by Dusty Rhodes.

Stopping dead in his tracks, Orton gave The American Dream a nasty glare, and backed away.

Locker room sources told WWE.com that The Dream was furious after the match, searching rooms for the arrogant third-generation Superstar to give him a piece of his mind -- perhaps a taste of his fists as well.

Beating his son Cody fair-and-square in his Raw debut was one thing. Attempting to end young Cody's one-match-old career before it has a chance to bloom was too much for the WWE Hall of Famer to stomach.

Monday's skirmish pours gasoline on this already burning rivalry between the Legend and Orton, which will explode when the two meet this Sunday in a Texas Bull Rope Match at The Great American Bash.

Dusty was able to stop a charging Orton from injuring his son further. But did he get a glimpse of his own future? Will The American Dream be able to avoid becoming another victim to Orton's trend of legend decimation?

Or will The American Dream be able to pull on his years of experience and victories in bull rope matches and find a way to hogtie Orton and reclaim his family's honor?

Sunday in San Jose, Calif., will bring the answers as this pair is fit to be tied in The Great American Bash ring.

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