Hosting's heavy hitters

Hosting's heavy hitters

As one of Monday Night Raw's recent celebrity guest hosts, Seth Green appeared to raise the bar for those to follow, including Monday's honorees, Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill of ZZ Top. The creator of Adult Swim's Robot Chicken, Green managed to distinguish himself not only with his match-arranging skills -- Six-Diva Summer Swimsuit Spectacular Tag Team Match, anyone? -- but with his heroic in-ring antics.

It was during Monday night's main event that Green climbed into the ring with partners Triple H & John Cena to face WWE Champion Randy Orton, Cody Rhodes & Ted DiBiase. The act itself seemed unlikely enough, but then, what happened next seemed wholly improbable.

Orton had just debilitated The Game with an RKO when the referee began the three-count. As Green looked on, he summoned the courage to leap into the ring and smash Orton in the back, halting the count. Needless to say, The Viper was infuriated and nearly punted Green's skull until Cena made a last-second save.

While Green's appearance certainly showed bravado, he's not alone when it comes to celebrities enduring the squared circle.

Chuck Norris
Before pummeling syndicated TV into paste as Walker, Texas Ranger and conquering ... well, everything, according to the Internet, the Professional World Middleweight Karate Champion (who remained undefeated more than six years before retiring) was a special ring enforcer at the Survivor Series in 1994. It was there he ensured that Undertaker and Yokozuna's Casket Match would not be interrupted by the likes of Jeff Jarrett, who Norris kicked into near-unconsciousness while The Phenom literally closed the lid on Yokozuna's reign of terror in WWE.

William Shatner
Back in January 1995, the original Captain James T. Kirk appeared on Jerry "The King" Lawler's King's Court to promote his TV show TekWar. After Lawler struck the star's raw nerve by threatening to boldly send him where no man had gone before, Shatner set WWE fans' phasers to "Stunned" by laying out "The King." Ironically, in 2007, the three-time Emmy Award winner would step back back into action - this time to induct Lawler into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Jay Leno
In 1998, the host of the Tonight Show with Jay Leno led with his chin when he teamed with Diamond Dallas Page to defeat Hulk Hogan & Eric Bischoff in a rough-and-tumble affair at WCW's Road Wild pay-per-view during the famous motorcycle rally in Sturgis, S.D. Leno, with Tonight Show band leader Kevin Eubanks in his corner, even secured the victory after Eubanks hit a Diamond Cutter on Bischoff, allowing Leno to move in for the pin. Catch Leno compete on

Kevin Federline
The wanna-be rapper and ex-husband of Britney Spears didn't cope nearly as well. In late 2006, Federline decided to channel his angst toward WWE Champion John Cena. After talking smack to "The Champ," Federline found himself on the receiving end of a punishing Attitude Adjustment. A little more than a month later, on a special New Year's Day edition of Raw, Federline defeated Cena in a No Disqualification Match with help from John Morrison and Umaga. Federline, however, would not escape unscathed; Cena tracked him down and administered two Attitude Adjustments before the night was over.

Drew Carey
Comedian and current host of The Price is Right, Drew Carey had the honor of entering 2001's Royal Rumble in the No. 5 position. Unfortunately for him, Kane, who Carey had earlier insulted, entered in the No. 6 slot. Carey tried to shake hands and offer money to The Big Red Monster, but Kane brushed his offerings aside and geared up to chokeslam the game show host. That's when Raven entered and attacked The Big Red Monster. While Carey had escaped Kane's wrath, he thought better of his role in the Rumble, stepping over the top rope and eliminating himself from the competition. Watch Carey rumble on

While each of these celebrities are to be commended for putting themselves at risk in a WWE ring, it was Green who actually dared to strike at The Viper. Might such behavior inspire upcoming celebrity guest hosts Gibbons and Hill? Or will the ZZ Top guitar gurus be content to mastermind a series of rockin' matches?

To find out and catch all the action, tune into Monday Night Raw on USA Network at 9/8CT.

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