Divas to duke it out on RAW

Former Women's Champion Trish Stratus isn't letting a RAW newcomer push her around. A few weeks ago on RAW, Melina and Johnny Nitro stormed the ring to insult Stratus, who was returning to action for the first time since taking time off with an injured shoulder. Melina tore into Trish and proclaimed herself to be the new top Diva on RAW, telling Stratus she was over the hill as a WWE Diva.

Stratus immediately responded with physical assault, and the two Divas went at it fiercely, but their scuffle got broken up when Carlito dove into the ring to stop Trish from being outnumbered by Nitro and Melina.

Melina hasn't been silent about her dislike of Trish, and when WWE.com caught up with both Divas, each had plenty to say about tonight's match on RAW.

"I think she's the big fish in a small pond, and now she has some new competition," said Melina. "She's going to have to learn to deal with it. Trish hasn't really had any real competition in a long, long time, and she doesn't know anything that I can do."

Trish doesn't seem too concerned by Melina's confidence. In fact, she cites her competitor's lack of accomplishments as a testament that her brash words are empty threats. 

"Melina's got, hold on, let me count for a second—oh, she has zero WWE Women's championships," said Stratus. "Well, she's tried to do some magazine stuff—oh, she has zero covers."

Trish believes her vast WWE experience will play a part in her victory tonight.

"I've been around the block, and I'll be chasing her around the block tonight," added Stratus. 

What will happen tonight on RAW when two of the hottest and toughest Divas tangle inside the squared circle? Will Trish prove the newcomer wrong, or will the new blood on RAW put the veteran Diva in her place? Tune into RAW at 9/8 CT on USA network to see.

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