RAW Diva Candice Michelle shows up at ECW on Sci Fi

ECW Vixen Kelly Kelly, star of Kelly’s Exposé, has had her recent performances interrupted by her jealous boyfriend, Mike Knox. Every time she reaches the point where she’s about to fully express herself, Knox appears — towel in hand — to cover up his exhibitionist girlfriend. 

In the hottest Kelly’s Exposé yet, RAW Diva Candice Michelle joined Kelly on the stage to give the ECW crowd an extremely titillating show. Dressed in sleek, sexy lingerie, the two ladies groped, rubbed and danced on one another, leaving little to the imagination. Their dance grew more and more provocative, and what few clothes the two were wearing slowly began to come off. Then, just when things were really heating up, Knox arrived to break up the party. Kelly was noticeably upset, exiting the stage and throwing a tantrum while leaving Candice alone and confused.

Kelly showed her disgust towards Knox by tossing his towel at him, and a moment later there was something else sent Knox’s way — a swinging Singapore cane from The Sandman. The Diva and the Vixen were sent scurrying after Sandman delivered his first of many cane shots to Knox’s head, pushing the half-clothed exhibitionist and her sexy cohort out of view for the remainder of the show.

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