Big Show gives Flair an extreme beating

After agreeing to make his ECW on Sci Fi debut in an Extreme Rules Match against ECW World Heavyweight Champion Big Show, Ric Flair was confident he'd somehow emerge victorious. Unfortunately for Flair, the World's Largest Athlete was in no mood to relinquish his newly acquired gold.

Big Show dominated most of the match against the 16-time World Champion, busting him open and causing blood to flow steadily from his forehead.  Flair was able to gain control after delivering a series of low-blows, which allowed him the time to grab a barbed wire bat from underneath the ring. The barbed wire bat stunned the monstrous ECW Champion, and Flair delivered two shots to Big Show's head with a garbage can. After a steel chair helped Flair knock Big Show onto a pile of thumbtacks, it looked as if the "Nature Boy" would be able to secure a victory.

However, it wasn't meant to be; in fact, the offense Flair dished out only incensed the ECW Champion. After rising to his feet, Big Show regained control and chokeslammed the "Nature Boy" before gripping him in a Camel Clutch Backbreaker. Big Show kept the hold on Flair until the referee motioned for the bell. After the bell sounded, Big Show showed his disrespect for the future Hall of Famer by tossing him onto the pile of tacks.

Afterwards, a bloodied Flair had trouble walking from the ring. Although he did manage to make it without the being strapped to a stretcher, he was in need of assistance. As he slowly limped up the ramp, ECW officials stood close by to ensure Flair safely made it backstage to be examined by doctors. 

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