No bull

No bull

LAFAYETTE, La. --  If it's one thing the "American Dream" Dusty Rhodes is adamant about accomplishing in the Texas Bull Rope Match at The Great American Bash, it's to ingrain some respect into Randy Orton, one thrash at a time.

The Rhodes lineage extends far back to the roots of the red, white and blue hued pay-per-view event itself. The "American Dream" competed at the very first Great American Bash extravaganza in 1985, inside a steel cage no less. With so much experience under his bullhorn buckled belt and given that Orton has rocked the boat of the Rhodes bloodline, some might believe the advantage lies in the Hall of Famer's decorated corner.

"I'm getting older and long in the tooth," Rhodes admitted. "I respect Orton as a wrestler, but he doesn't have the respect for the legendary figures that have gotten him to the dance. He's…told the world that I'm next on his list of fallen legends. Well, if I'm next, he needs to know that I've been there before. It's not my first rodeo."

With the pride of his family and his celebrated career, the former NWA World Champion intends on demonstrating how he built the legacy of the "Common Man."

"My legacy is secure," affirmed the WWE Hall of Famer. "I think Randy Orton has just kind of stepped over the line, much like I've seen a number of times in my career, dragging out the family. If you go back and research the ‘American Dream,' you'll see that when you start playing families with me, bad things happen."

But if you were to ask the concussed Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam or even any of the legends that have been on the business end of an RKO, bad things also happen when you're in Randy Orton's crosshairs.

"Unfortunately for Dusty Rhodes, The Great American Bash is just not going to be his night," vowed Orton with a focused gaze. "He's doing this to make his family and his son proud. I do what I do because it's who I am. I destroy legends. And, after I'm done with the ‘American Dream,' I'm going to end his son's career before it even starts."

With further disregard for his WWE Hall of Fame opponent, Orton continued, "The Texas Bull Rope Match may be his forte, but at the Bash, I'm going to take all that pride and nostalgia Dusty's feeling and drive him head-first into the mat."

Orton thrives on disrespecting the most revered competitors and has, in fact, enhanced his own career by defiling the legacies of sports-entertainment's greatest figures -- from Mick Foley to Ric Flair. Ever honest, Rhodes addressed the few arguable advantages that Orton bears in his favor, attributes that have allowed him to seize victories over such Superstars: youth and a malicious streak.

"I know Randy's a young man who has given guys concussions," said the WWE Legend. "Surely, I shouldn't be doing this. Surely, I shouldn't be out there. But being a part of The Great American Bash through all the years…I thought I'd go on and get my old bunkhouse clothes on and pull the old bull rope out of the bag and just go out there and whip Randy's ass."

"I'm going to give it my all," he added, "and it's going to be a great night to be back at The Great American Bash."

At The Great American Bash, will Dusty Rhodes provide the much needed lashing Orton's father should've given him years ago? Or will the third generation Superstar bash the great legacy of the "American Dream?"

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