Rough Night in the Big Easy

Rough Night in the Big Easy

NEW ORLEANS - Raw this Monday opened with a special message from Stephanie McMahon, who expressed a desire for everyone on Raw to work together in the absence of the WWE Chairman. In spite of several unexpected occurrences, such as a lighting accident and a fan who managed to make his way into the backstage area, the show moved forward, with two new matches set for The Great American Bash, including a World Heavyweight Title Match between current champion CM Punk and his challenger, Batista.

Blind Fury

The rivalry between Shawn Michaels and Chris Jericho had reached a fever pitch of late after Y2J smashed HBK's head into the JeriTron-6000, severely injuring Michaels' eye. The two have continued to have confrontations in recent weeks, with the rivalry culminating on this week's Raw as the brand's second Great American Bash Match was established. The Showstopper accepted Jericho's challenge to face him in two weeks, even though he only has one good eye. Michaels went on to tell Jericho that even though he has had a fantastic career and won every title he's ever gone after, he will never be HBK. (WATCH)

Snitsky gets Punk'd

At the beginning of Monday night's show, World Heavyweight Champion CM Punk endured a tirade and a slap from SmackDown's Vickie Guerrero for having won the World Title from Edge. The Straightedge Superstar went on to have another altercation in the locker room area, this time with Snitsky. The Straightedge Superstar went on to suggest that the two face in the ring that very night. Punk defeated the yellow-toothed monster in a non-title match, proving exactly why he deserves to hold the World Championship around his waist.

Mysterio's Raw Debut

Another new member of the Monday night roster, Rey Mysterio, had his very first match as a Raw Superstar. Last week, the Master of the 619 was interrupted by Santino Marella, who went on to insult and degrade Mysterio. When the Ultimate Underdog had enough, he leapt into action, shutting up the Italian Superstar. This week, Mysterio continued to show Marella that he isn't an athlete that you should underestimate as he defeated his opponent handily. (WATCH)

Kofi Tastes the Curb

Intercontinental Champion Kofi Kingston also experienced a win on Monday night by defeating Charlie Haas in a non-title match. Though the Jamaican Superstar tasted victory, he didn't have a chance to enjoy it before Paul Burchill rushed into the ring, performing his vicious Curb Stomp on the Intercontinental Champion.

Chain Gang Carjack

Before they faced off in a Fatal Four Way Match, John Cena and JBL had an added altercation, involving the self-made millionaire's limo. Cena, with some help from Cryme Tyme, worked over JBL's private automobile with crowbars and baseball bats, before the Longhorn Loudmouth stomped off to prepare for their match. (WATCH)

Raw's New Divas

Before the incident with JBL's limo, Cena relaxed near the locker room area with WWE Women's Champion Mickie James, as Mickie prepared for a Divas tag match. The two were soon approached by Mickie's partner for the night: Kelly Kelly. Mickie explained that the former ECW Diva had just joined the Raw roster, after which the two went to go face Jillian & Layla in the ring. Though Mickie & Kelly are a new team, they showed that they know how to work together, picking up a win over their competitors.

The Animal Unleashed

Monday night ended with a long, brutal Fatal Four Way Match between John Cena, Batista, Kane and JBL. In spite of such fierce competition, The Animal won the match by pinning Kane, who went on a bizarre rampage outside the ring, assaulting WWE Production crew and announcers alike. (WATCH) Read more...

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