Beth's Path of Diva-station

Beth's Path of Diva-station

Snap, crackle, and pop are sounds that many Raw Divas have become all too familiar with. For Beth Phoenix, they are sounds often heard by her opponents, before having to be assisted to the locker room area. In a candid interview, The Glamazon spoke about the injury suffered by Candice Michelle at her hands, as well as Melina's recent injury, WWE Women's Champion Mickie James, the new SmackDown Divas Championship, and how she plans to become a Diva legend.

"My strategy has always been to go out there and hurt somebody before they could hurt me. That's why you'll continue to see the injuries suffered by the Divas who go out there and get in the ring with me," said Phoenix. "What makes me superior is that I train my body to be virtually indestructible. I'm in the gym six days a week to make my muscles, bones and joints stronger than everyone else's."

The Glamazon has shown her dominance over the past year by decimating her opponents. It was Beth's aggressive style that led to Candice Michelle breaking her clavicle nine months ago and then breaking it again five months later, before WrestleMania XXIV. And two weeks ago, Melina, The Glamazon's foe, became the latest Raw Diva to join the injured list when she broke her heel.

"If Melina would've just given up, walked away after I made her say ‘I quit' at One Night Stand, she probably would've lived to see another day and wouldn't be at home recuperating from a broken heel," Phoenix explained.

Earlier this week, in an exclusive interview with Melina, the two-time WWE Women's Champion vowed she'll never stop and she'll be more determined and focused to return to Diva glory. She also said that she has always had Beth's back and she was "betrayed" by her former friend.

"Friend? I wouldn't say that," Phoenix said in response to hearing Melina's words. "In the past, I only allowed Melina to tag with me and accompany me to my matches because I knew she could take a beating. No matter how much I bashed her brains in, she kept coming back for more. It kind of gained my respect to a point. One beating from The Glamazon should be enough to make someone retire, but she dug down and found the spirit to want to come back."

In her WWE Fan Nation blog, Candice Michelle talked openly about her plan to seek revenge on Phoenix when she returns to action.

"It's like Glamazons and stones may break my bones, but that will never stop me … Beth is quite aware that I'm coming back to claim what I lost … The fight of my life is still ahead of me. I will be ready. I just hope she is," said the former WWE Women's Champion in her blog.

"What Candice lacks in smarts she makes up for in heart, which is why she came back too early and broke her clavicle again," Phoenix said. "Obviously, I did a great job of breaking it the first time. Candice, I hope you're 150 percent when you come back. I don't want excuses, crying or whining, when I put you out permanently. Then, everyone will know that The Glamazon is simply better."

Two week ago, the Raw Division was shaken up due to the WWE Supplemental Draft. Playboy cover girl Maria was drafted to SmackDown and former ECW Diva Layla was sent to Raw. For Beth, nothing will change.

"I look forward to getting Layla in the ring. It's just one more body I can toss around and decimate," boasted The Glamazon. "What I'll miss about Maria and her smiling face is watching the tears flow down her face when I would torture her."

At Night of Champions, a bitter Beth Phoenix, watched from afar as Mickie James, favoring her shoulder, defeated Katie Lea Burchill to retain Women's gold.

"Mickie has a bull's-eye on her back. She's been ducking and dodging a championship match with me. She has the championship, but she's a wounded bird. A bird can't fly with one wing," Beth said about the four-time Women's Champion."

"Now, the psychological games begin. All these Divas are dropping and she's the one standing. Mickie has to ask herself, ‘When is my number up?'"

The Glamazon believes that Vickie Guerreo's idea to have the Divas Championship on SmackDown is shrewd and that decision will assist her in becoming Diva royalty.

"The Divas Championship will allow a SmackDown Diva to stay in the spotlight," Beth said. "There's nothing I love doing more than soaking up the spotlight. In the future, I'm certain that I'll be the first Diva to hold both the Women's and Divas Titles at the same time. If that's being greedy, I guess you can call me that.

"I want to stand alone as a Diva legend. I will change this industry and become unforgettable. I'll do anything in my power to keep my name on the marquee. I'd love to take a trip to SmackDown and ECW to destroy every Diva there. If there's competition looking for me, I want them to please send me an invitation."

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